South Webster collects items for hurricane victims

Friday morning, the South Webster community joined together to collect items to send to Houston, Texas as part of the hurricane Harvey relief effort. Volunteers from the South Webster schools and the local community gathered at South Webster Elementary and loaded cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, and non-perishable food items into a donated tractor trailer to be sent to Highland Heights Church of Christ, a Houston mega-church currently housing victims of the category three hurricane.

Sandy Smith, volunteer who helped organize the event with help of a generous ‘eternal silent partner’, was more than pleased with the amount of community support they received.

“This donation was on a very short notice, we only put this event together on Wednesday evening and both the students and members of the community have been so eager to donate,” said Smith.

“Word traveled through Facebook and by word of mouth, we have had so many students contribute from across all three schools and even have had donations from neighboring school districts and local businesses.”

The homeroom from each of the three schools that brings in the most donations after the official count is collected will be rewarded with a pizza party, however some of the students had a stronger motivation for collecting supplies. When learning about the reward, elementary student Kennedy Hamilton addressed her classmates by saying, “Why do we need the pizza? We should win the pizza and donate it to the people in Texas. It’s the right thing to do.”

Other students went so far as to donating food items from their own lunchboxes to include with the donations.

The tractor trailer, loaded with supplies, will be Texas bound Monday Morning. The Volunteers will be meeting again Sunday, September 10th at 5 p.m. to collect any last minute donations from anyone who wishes to contribute items to the relief effort.

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Volunteers load donated items at South Webster Elementary load donated items at South Webster Elementary

By Ivy Potter

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