Rural King opens in New Boston

Rural King will be having a soft opening at its New Boston store on Saturday, Sept. 9th. The store, previously serving as a Kmart location, was transformed in just a few short weeks after being originally scheduled to open out of Corbin, Kentucky. The change in plans put the New Boston location four weeks behind schedule, but thanks to hard work from contractors, electricians, and other employees the store will be opening this Saturday, with its official grand opening on Sept. 21st.

“The transition between the previous business and Rural King has been smooth thanks to the cooperation of the contractor and owner. We have been able to transform it quickly over the period of just a few short months,” said Mayor Williams of New Boston.

Aside from bringing new business into the community, the opening of Rural King brings with it 80 new jobs. Rural King Manager Amy Hazelett, formerly of Kmart, brings along with her twenty former Kmart employees as well as sixty new ones.

“We held a local job fair hosted by the Mayor’s Office for almost 2 weeks, which initially was only going to last three days,” said Hazelett. “In that time we received between 450 and 500 applications. It was extremely successful.”

The New Boston community is hopeful that the new store opening only means greater things to come for the area.

“The new business will greatly improve the local economy. We hope it will attract other businesses as well as boost the business of the stores already present in the shopping centers,” said Williams. “The Village of New Boston looks forward to the opening of a new business and the possibilities it brings along with it.”

By Ivy Potter

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