Neighbor to neighbor

At the end of each month, sometimes families struggle to make ends meet. One church in Minford is trying remedy the situation by helping people in the area through a food pantry called Neighbor to Neighbor.

Many people from Grace Baptist are involved with helping every month. One member, Josh Greene helps run and organize the pantry, and is passionate about caring for the people around him.

“Neighbor to Neighbor is a food pantry where the folks at Grace Baptist Church provide food to the local community to the Minford area, and all throughout Scioto County,” Greene said. “We serve about 100 families each month, and it converts to an average of 240 people. It’s based on the family’s income.”

Grace Baptist Church began serving the community with this food pantry in 2006, and has now been faithful to this ministry for over ten years, expanding their reach every year. Pastor Rob McKinney leads his congregation by example and is there every month putting together boxes of food and talking with people who come.

“We get together about 1 o’clock to pack boxes and bags of food,” McKinney said. “Normally it’s about 100 families that come through, so we have it all ready by 3 o’clock, and people come to get food and haircuts. We help people walk their boxes to their cars. Just so they know we care and that they’re loved.

There’s a need. At the end of the month, it’ll help with making ends meet. Usually it’s about a week’s worth of food; a couple of meals to help them stretch their funds. Also, we just want the community to know that we love them. You don’t have to have anything or do anything, we just love you and we want to help.”

Over the last two years, the local Krogers from Wheelersburg and Portsmouth have generously donated money that has been used to buy a lot of the food that is given away.

Recently, the people at Grace Baptist have begun doing haircuts for those who may not be able to afford it.

“We’ve expanded into doing free haircuts now,” Mckinney said, “and we’re going to help in any other way that people from our church can serve and help the community.”

Two people from the church, Kert Royster and Rose Williams are certified hairdressers who are using haircuts to give back to the community.

“I love being able to give free haircuts,” Royster said. “It kind of started when we went to Indonesia back in May for two weeks. A group from our church went to a village and were able to cut people’s hair. It made us ask what we were doing in our own hometown. So, here we are trying to help our community and share the love of Christ. This is just one way to do that.”

Everyone involved with this ministry reiterated that they do this because they want people to know they’re cared for. The church’s mission statement is ‘Exalting Jesus in all we do’ and these people are dedicated to living that out.

“We are here to show the community that we love them and that God loves them,” Williams said. “We really do want to help.”

Neighbor to Neighbor is held on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 3-6. To sign up, visit Grace Baptist Church in Minford on State Route 139.

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Many people from Grace Baptist are involved with helping every month. people from Grace Baptist are involved with helping every month.
Local Church provides food and haircuts

By: Holly Gail

PDT Contributor