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Tate Coriell with his lamb and some of his awards

Tate Coriell with his lamb and some of his awards

The beginning litlte Tate at the barn with a lamb

It takes a special person with a great work ethic to accomplish the big things in life.

Tate Coriell, a Minford 2017 Graduate and a freshman at Morehead State University has been credited with being the most decorated 4Her so far, in Scioto County, a very bog thing. According to a member of the Scioto County Fair Board, Coriell is a fine young man and has earned this accomplishment.

Coriell started out showing cattle, well before he could show through 4-H at the county fair. Throughout the years, he has shown beef cattle, pullets (chickens), goats, and sheep.

Coriell has shown animals throughout the state of Ohio, including our own Scioto County.

Coriell’s awards for this year alone are: Reserve Champion Production Goat, Reserve Champion Market Goat, Grand Champion Best Scioto County Born Market Goat, third place Senior Goat Showman, third place Senior Goat Skillathon, Outstanding Goat Exhibitor at Scioto County Fair Overall Outstanding Market Goat Exhibitor at the Ohio State Fair Grand Champion Breeding Sheep, second place Senior Sheep Showman, first place Senior Sheep Skillathon, Outstanding Sheep Exhibitor second place Beef Feeder Calf, first place Senior Beef Showman, and third place Senior Beef Skillathon. In his career, he has raised Champion animals in Beef, Sheep, Chickens and Goats, has been champion showman in Beef, Sheep and Goats, and won overall Showman of Showman at the age of 15. He is also the only 4Her to win Outstanding Exhibitor in three species (beef, sheep, goats)

As the most decorated 4Her Coriell said,“This past year has paid off tremendously. I am extremely happy with how this past show season has went. I would not have been able to do this well, without the help of my parents and brother. I am very thankful to have a dedicated family to the livestock industry.”

Coriell put in what he thought it takes to be this special awarded young man.

“It takes a huge amount of work with any 4-H or FFA project. From being up early to feed, or working with my projects late at night, it takes a lot of work which everyone hopes pays off in the end.

I would encourage kids to get involved with any agricultural program whether it be 4-H or FFA. These two organizations have taught me so many lessons like responsibility, networking, public speaking, etc.”

“Working with livestock and being involved with 4-H and FFA will help me stay focused in college. Being involved with these organizations has taught me how to successfully manage my time and how to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.”

Coriell has spent thirteen years in the Scioto County 4-H program and three years in the Minford FFA Chapter. He had the opportunity to help reinstate his FFA Chapter his sophomore year of high school. “Both of these amazing organizations have helped shape me into the person I am today.”said Coriell.

“Competing through livestock shows was definitely worth it. Being able to be a part of the livestock industry has meant the world to me. It hasn’t only been a hard and difficult path, but an extremely rewarding one. Growing up showing livestock has taught me responsibility in a different way than most kids, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Coriell is currently attending Morehead State University, studying Animal Science. One day he hopes to attend veterinary school at The Ohio State University.

Coriell’s parents (Rachel and Jeb) added, “Tate has always been very hard working, responsible and driven; 4-H and FFA have provided opportunities to him that have fostered these traits. We know his responsible nature and work ethic will carry over into this new chapter of his life, attending college at Morehead State University.” They said that they feel very blessed to have witnessed Tate succeed in his love for agriculture..

The Coriell’s added, “Raising and showing livestock has been a big part his life, he has competed at the county, state and national levels. His accomplishments through 4-H and FFA have far beyond exceeded anything that we could have imagined. To say we are “proud” would be an understatement!”

Tate Coriell with his lamb and some of his awards Coriell with his lamb and some of his awards

The beginning litlte Tate at the barn with a lamb beginning litlte Tate at the barn with a lamb

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928