Scioto County Fair results

2017 Scioto County 4-H Tablescapes Results:

Jr. Division: 1st Kaitlyn Campbell, 2nd Elianna Green, 3rd Mary Beth Sherman, 4th Bailey Waughtel, 5th Aly Floyd. Intermediate Division: 1st Juniper Allen, 2nd Alexa Leist, 3rd Lane Hurst, 4th Chloe McIntire, 5th Alyssa Ferguson. Senior Division: 1st Paige Howard, 2nd Sarah Claxon, 3rd Melanie Fuhrmann.

2017 Scioto County 4-H Booth Results: 1st Animals R Us, 2nd Greensprouts, 3rd Happy Campers, 4th Super Sewing Circle Etc. 2nd Generation, 5th Country Cousins & Kids, 6th Little Rascals, 7th Minford Bees, 8th Dreams of Tomorrow, 9th Down to Our Boots, 10th Wild Outsiders, 11th Otway Outlaws, 12th West Swiners, 13th Green Clovers, 14th Buckeye 4-H’ers, 15th Lyra Livestockers.

2017 Scioto County 4-H Beautification Results:

Small Flower Container: 1st Webster Wranglers, 2nd Buckeye 4-H’ers. Large Container: 1st Hidden Valley, 2nd Dreams of Tomorrow, 3rd Super Sewing Circle Etc. 2nd Generation, 4th Dreams of Tomorrow, 5th Lyra Livestockers. Hanging Baskets: 1st Minford Bees, 2nd Stars of Tomorrow. Large Ground Displays: 1st Blazin’ Bridles, 2nd Silhouette Riders, 3rd Stable Stars, 4th Country Circus, 5th Scioto Wranglers.

2017 Scioto County 4-H Poultry Show Results:

Market Poultry:

Class 1 1st Brooke Ferguson, 2nd Matthew Osborne, 3rd Riquelle Feeman, 4th Tamara Burchett, 5th Noah Hersman.

Class 2 1st Danica Clarkson, 2nd Dakota Wilson, 3rd Katelyn Rollins, 4th Dillon Gambill, 5th Ean Shonkwiller.

Class 3 1st Teegan Clarkson, 2nd Billy Miller, 3rd Ashley Cantrell, 4th Daniel Burchett, 5th Arieghanna Rayburn.

Class 4 1st Sarah Moore, 2nd Reagan Lester, 3rd Blaise Keys, 4th Colton Slusher, 5th Marisa Howard.

Class 5 1st Ben Howard, 2nd Jacob Adkins, 3rd Megan Hickman, 4th Patrick Osborne, 5th Shane Chambliss

Grand Champion: Brooke Ferguson

Reserve Champion: Teegan Clarkson

Fancy Poultry (Bantams)

Class 1 1st Kathaleen Kuhn, 2nd Brooke Ferguson, 3rd Sarah Moore, 4th Gavin Powell, 5th Seth Hall.

Class 2 1st Kelsey Shope, 2nd Chase McClay, 3rd Kristine Yazell, 4th Nora Campbell, 5th Ashley Cantrell

Grand Champion: Kathaleen Kuhn

Reserve Champion: Kelsey Shope

4-H Poultry Showmanship Results:

Senior Showmanship: 1st Kathaleen Kuhn, 2nd Ean Shonkwiler, 3rd Kelsey Shope, 4th Chase McClay, 5th Seth Hall.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st Teegan Clarkson

Junior Showmanship: 1st Ashley Cantrell, 2nd Katelyn Rollins, 3rd Colton Slusher

2017 Scioto County 4-H Rabbit Show Results

Market Rabbit Show: 1st Gage Hall, 2nd Channon Spurgeon, 3rd Bailey Howard, 4th Noah Wright,

5th Daryan Jordan.

Grand Champion Market Rabbits: Gage Hall

Reserve Champion Market Rabbits: Channon Spurgeon

Breeding Rabbit Show:

Doe & Litter: Fancy Doe & Litter: 1st Timmy Melvin, 2nd Noah Wright. Commercial Doe & Litter: 1st Gage Hall, 2nd Ciara Jones, 3rd Seth Hall, 4th McKinley Flinders, 5th Billy Jones.

Single Breeding Rabbits: Class 6: 1st Melanie Fuhrmann, Class 7: 1st Samuel Skaggs, Class 8: 1st Susan Vowell, Class 9: 1st Nora Campbell, Class 10: 1st Dakota Secrest, Class 11: 1st Alexia Murphy, Class 12: 1st Seth Hall, Class 13: 1st Macy Skaggs, 2nd Isabella Elliott; Class 14: 1st Marissa Howard; Class 15: 1st Gage Hall, 2nd Ryan Waddell, 3rd McKinley Flinders, 4th Katelin Satterfield, 5th Jaelynn Triggs; Class 16: 1st McKinley Flinders. Class 17: 1st Makayla Wheeler. Class 19: 1st Hunter Buckle. Class 20: 1st Gracie Williams. Class 21: 1st Ciera Donahoe. Class 23: 1st Ashley Smith. Class 24: 1st Megan Hickman. Class 25: 1st Gavin Powell. Class 26: 1st Kobe Lennex. Class 27: 1st Addison Mullins. Class 28: 1st Ariauna Martin, 2nd Kelsie Binion. Class 29: 1st Annie Euton, 2nd Hannah Robbins, 3rd Karleigh Flannery, 4th Elijah Kasper. Class 30: 1st Kaeliegh Meade, 2nd Christopher Lott. Class 31: 1st London Hall, 2nd Garrett Williams, 3rd Alyssa Piccolo. Class 32: 1st Timmy Melvin. Class 33: 1st Ciara Jones. Class 34: 1st Erika Smith. Class 35: 1st Billy Jones. Class 36: 1st Timothy Lands, 2nd Harmon Barry. Class 37: 1st Caitlyn Suttles, 2nd Donovan Breech. Class 38: 1st Donnie Wilson. Class 39: 1st Paige Howard. Class 40: 1st Jesse Wagner. Class 41: 1st Jayden Malone, 2nd Noah Wright. Class 42: 1st Sydney Wallace, 2nd Kristine Yazell. Class 43: 1st Morgan Olsen.

4-H Rabbit Showmanship Results:

Senior Showmanship: 1st McKinley Flinders, 2nd Jessi Wagner, 3rd Melanie Fuhrmann, 4th Paige Howard, 5th Kobe Lennex.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st Macy Skaggs, 2nd Ciara Jones, 3rd Billy Jones, 4th Ryan Waddell, 5th Timmy Melvin.

Junior Showmanship: 1st Erika Smith, 2nd Elijah Kasper, 3rd Addison Mullins, 4th Karliegh Flannery, 5th Hunter Buckle.

2017 Scioto County 4-H Goat Show Results

Working Goat Show

Pack Goats: Beginners: 1st London Hall, 2nd Caitlyn Suttles, 3rd Tylan Osborne, 4th Emily Hoffer, 5th Kaeleigh Meade. Advanced: 1st Kristine Yazell, 2nd Aspen Hall, 3rd Chuck Rumer, 4th Angel Rumer.

Dairy Goat Show

Class 1: 1st Claire Phipps, 2nd Kaeleigh Meade, 3rd London Hall, 4th Trinity Ketchell, 5th Aspen Hall. Class 5: 1st Caitlyn Suttles, 2nd Emily Hoffer, 3rd Jayden Hedge, 4th Kristen Bailey, 5th Kristin Yazell. Class 6: 1st Stephanie Brown. Class 7: 1st London Hall, 2nd Trinity Ketchell, 3rd Kaeleigh

Meade, 4th Tylan Osborne, 5th Claire Phipps. Class 10: 1st London Hall, 2nd Claire Phipps, 3rd Kayleigh Meade, 4th Trinity Ketchell, 5th Tylan Osborne.

Grand Champion Dairy Goat: London Hall

Reserve Champion Dairy Goat: Claire Phipps

Commercial Production Goat Show

Class 11: 1st Gracyn Coriell, 2nd Hannah Dever, 3rd Jeremy Fuhrmann, 4th Andrew Fuhrmann, 5th Faith Harting. Class 13: 1st Talen Coriell, 2nd Kelsey LeBrun, 3rd Montgomery Thayer, 4th, Reuben Thayer, 5th Mason Zaler. Class 14: 1st Reuben Thayer, 2nd Montgomery Thayer, 3rd Mason Zaler, 4th Cody Finley, 5th McKenna Dunham. Class 15: 1st Tate Coriell, 2nd Montgomery Thayer, 3rd Melanie Fuhrmann, 4th Carlea Kitts, 5th Rylee Houston.

Grand Champion Commercial Production Goat: Talen Coriell

Reserve Champion Commercial Production Goat: Tate Coriell

Commercial Dam & Daughter Goat Show

Class 18: 1st Montgomery Thayer, 2nd Melanie Fuhrmann, 3rd Rylee Houston, 4th Reuben Thayer, 5th Natalie Fedele.

Market Goat Show

Class 1: 1st Gavin Powell, 2nd Colten Buckle, 3rd Chad Rumer, 4th Brooklyn Buckle, 5th Aaron Crank. Class 2: 1st Charles Carver, 2nd Allison Crank, 3rd Maeve Smith, 4th Bryce Veach, 5th Aiden McGraw. Class 3: 1st Brady Keller, 2nd Lucy Grashel, 3rd Kathaleen Kuhn, 4th Mia Darnell, 5th Layne Stapleton. Class 4: 1st Brady Haas, 2nd Lexi Whitt, 3rd Lani Whitt, 4th Seth Hall, 5th Angel Rumer. Class 5: 1st Zoe Leist, 2nd Olivia McGraw, 3rd Devin Mayanrd, 4th Caryold Smith, 5th Noah Littleton. Class 6: 1st Reuben Thayer, 2nd Emma Lauder, 3rd Maggie Mae Clark, 4th Gage Hayes, 5th Zachary Fleenor. Class 7: 1st Chandler Preston, 2nd Laken McGraw, 3rd Claire Phipps, 4th Aspen Hall, 5th Taylor Cunningham. Class 8: 1st Denver Triggs, 2nd Maci Clark, 3rd Austin Deemer, 4th Kaitlyn Rolfe. 5th Ciera Davis. Class 9, 1st Wilson Kegley, 2nd Cody Finley, 3rd Rylie Banks, 4th Andy Crank, 5th Addison Bowling. Class 10: 1st Adam Crank, 2nd Brianna Strickland, 3rd Lyla Horsley, 4th Logan Hayes, 5th Bo Puckett. Class 11: 1st Nathan McLaughlin, 2nd Kelsey LeBrun, 3rd Paige Howard, 4th Emma Horsley, 5th Rylee Morrow. Class 12: 1st Ryan Zaler, 2nd Ethan Kingery, 3rd Maci Seibert, 4th Kara McCray, 5th Katelyn Rigsby.Class 13: 2st Tate Coriell, 2nd Addyson Deemer, 3rd Aly Floyd, 4th Pete Newman. Class 14: 1st Sarah Claxon, 2nd Jeremy Fuhrmann, 3rd Uriah Satterfield, 4th Corbin Fedele, 5th Ava Thacker. Class 15: 1st Montgomery Thayer, 2nd Mason Zaler, 3rd Gracyn Coriell, 4th Andrew Fuhrmann, 5th Deagan Thacker.

Grand Champion Market Goat: Nathan McLaughlin

Reserve Champion Market Goat: Tate Coriell

4-H Goat Showmanship Results:

Senior Showmanship: 1st Cody Finley, 2nd Andrew Fuhrmann, 3rd Tate Coriell, 4th Talen Coriell, 5th Jeremy Fuhrmann.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st Rylee Morrow, 2nd Carley McGlone, 3rd Zoe Leist, 4th Emma Horsley, 5th McKenna Dunham.

Junior Showmanship: 1st Gracyn Coriell, 2nd Deagan Thacker, 3rd Will Kegley, 4th Uriah Satterfield, 5th Kristen Bailey.

2017 Scioto County 4-H Sheep Show Results

Breeding Ewe Show:

Class 1: 1st John Keller, 2nd Lane Gleim, 3rd Mary Beth Sherman, 4th Grace Wilburn. Class 2: 1st Talen Coriell, 2nd Ryan Waddell, 3rd Cole Frazier, 4th Raegan Cooper, 5th Megan Johnson. Class 3: 1st Mary Beth Sherman. Class 4: 1st Natalie Percell, 2nd Ryan Wadell, 3rd Miranda Johnson, 4th Jacob Davis, 5th Alyssa Dingus. Class 5: 1st Raegan Cooper, 2nd Talen Coriell, 3rd Olivia Percell, 4th John Keller, 5th Faith Harting. Class 6: 1st Tate Coriell, 2nd Lane Gleim.

Grand Champion Breeding Ewe: Tate Corell

Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe: Talen Coriell

Market Lamb Show:

Class 1: 1st Natalie Percell, 2nd Emma Fleenor, 3rd Keeley Wilburn, 4th Olivia Fleenor, 5th Johnathan Strickland. Class 2: 1st Zac Myers, 2nd John Keller, 3rd Mason Nolan, 4th Chase Bond, 5th Jacob Andronis. Class 3: 1st Olivia Percell, 2nd Olivia Neu, 3rd Maria Nolan, 4th Hannah Thacker, 5th Layla Neu. Class 4: 1st Kendyll Ramey, 2nd Grace Wilburn, 3rd Nathan Davis, 4th Ava Potters, 5th Faith Harting. Class 5: 1st Breanna Potters, 2nd Shane Armstrong, 3rd Mia Crum, 4th Katie Strickland, 5th Micah Thacker. Class 6: 1st Megan Johnson, 2nd Zoe Turvey, 3rd Madison Mays, 4th Jacob Davis, 5th Hunter Adams. Class 7: 1st Talen Coriell, 2nd Reagan Cooper, 3rd Miranda Johnson, 4th Cameron Thacker, 5th Noah Hall-Williams.

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Talen Coriell

Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Kendyll Ramey

4-H Sheep Showmanship Results:

Senior Showmanship: 1st Talen Coriell, 2nd Tate Coriell, 3rd Keeley Wilburn, 4th Raegan Cooper, 5th Chase Bond.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st Grace Wilburn, 2nd Ryan Waddell, 3rd Olivia Percell, 4th Cole Frazier, 5th Faith Harting.

Junior Showmanship: 1st Olivia Neu, 2nd Miranda Johnson, 3rd Cameron Thacker, 4th Mary Beth Sherman, 5th Katie Strickland.

2017 Scioto County 4-H Swine Show Results

Breeding Swine (Gilt) Show:

December Gilt: 1st Conner Emnett, 2nd Grace Lucas, 3rd Brooklyn McKnabb. January Gilt: 1st Eric Allen, 2nd Grace Emnett, 3rd Ethan Cole, 4th Grace Lucas, 5th Jacob Grate. February Gilt: 1st Eric Allen, 2nd Tucker Spriggs, 3rd Andrew Shope, 4th Ethan Cole, 5th Grace Lucas. March Gilt: 1st Rebekah Pertuset, 2nd Haven Hileman, 3rd Ethan Cole.

Grand Champion Gilt: Eric Allen

Reserve Champion Gilt: Eric Allen

4-H Gilt Showmanship Results:

Senior Showmanship: 1st Ethan Cole, 2nd Andrew Shope, 3rd Grace Emnett, 4th Eric Allen, 5th Jacob Grate.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st Rebekah Pertuset, 2nd Brooklyn McKnabb, 3rd Conner Emnett, 4th Haven Hileman, 5th Tucker Spriggs

Junior Showmanship: 1st Grace Lucas, 2nd Aliyah Breech, 3rd Jadyen Hedge.

Market Hog Show:

Class 1: 1st Elijah Bentley, 2nd Nevaeh Porter, 3rd Wyatt Bouts, 4th Caleb Lewis, 5th Hayden Slusher. Class 2: 1st Grace Woodward, 2nd Madison Coriell, 3rd Danren Cantrell, 4th Anjalonna

Ruggles, 5th Adrianna Compton. Class 3: 1st Ryleigh Weeks, 2nd Kayden Bentley, 3rd Ryleigh Weeks, 4th Mackenzie Coriell, 5th Braxtyn Holbrook. Class 4: 1st Myles Montgomery, 2nd Summer Blevins, 3rd Whitney Adams, 4th Shania Wheeler, 5th Mason Parker. Class 5: 1st Maggie Risner, 2nd Braydon Williamson, 3rd Grace Lucas, 4th Creed Warren, 5th Jadyn Hedge. Class 6: 1st Sophia Mougey, 2nd Kade Glockner, 3rd Brea Tackett, 4th Walker McHenry, 5th Carter Essman. Class 7: 1st Nichol Rapp, 2nd Chatherine Boggs, 3rd Landon Boston, 4th Jackson Shoemaker, 5th Aliyah Breech. Class 8: 1st Asher Conley, 2nd Ambreea Sowards, 3rd Wyatt Weghorst, 4th Kain Stanley, 5th Lexi Conkel.

Jr Division Champion: Asher Conley

Jr Division Reserve: Kamryn Spriggs

Class 9: 1st Tucker Spriggs, 2nd Jr Holbrook, 3rd Ashton Johnson, 4th Juniper Allen, 5th Blake Tackett. Class 10: 1st Alyssia Schreick, 2nd Matthew Risner, 3rd Christopher Rachford, 4th Aaron Craig, 5th Levi Coriell. Class 11: 1st Sydney Mougey, 2nd Emilee Ramey, 3rd Zavier Stanely, 4th Garrett Koverman, 5th Anna-Marie Elliott. Class 12: 1st Levi Tackett, 2nd Makayla Watters, 3rd Chase Weeks, 4th Nicholas Boggs, 5th Emily Boggs. Class 13: 1st Matthew Koverman, 2nd Rebekah Pertuset, 3rd Samuel Wiehle, 4th Conner Emnett, 5th Dylan Essman. Class 14: 1st Reagan Weghorst, 2nd Doyle Chinn, 3rd McKenzie Watters, 4th Marcus Watters, 5th Kylee Taulbee. Class 15: 1st Tate Walker, 2nd Wyatt Adams, 3rd Bryson Spencer, 4th Dylan Litteral, 5th Zeb Allen. Class 16: 1st Dante Wheeler, 2nd Haven Hileman, 3rd Bryce Greene, 4th Wesley Holbrook, 5th Hunter Jordan. Class 17: 1st Mychal Cron, 2nd McKensie Spencer, 3rd Luke Rader, 4th Ethan Bishop, 5th Jaiden Missler.

Intermediate Division Champion: Tate Walker

Intermediate Division Reserve: Dante Walker

Class 18: 1st Jacob Whitt, 2nd Marissa Risner, 3rd Traye Otworth, 4th Jeremiah Bruch, 5th Che Burchett. Class 19: 1st Ethan Cole, 2nd Kylee Walker, 3rd Jacob Grate, 4th Marissa Watters, 5th Makena Coleman. Class 20: 1st Ryan Spriggs, 2nd Joshua Wiehle, 3rd Grace Emnett, 4th Jacob Smith, 5th Troy Otworth. Class 21: 1st Issac Knittel, 2nd McKenzie Kennedy, 3rd Levi Martin, 4th Michael Bouts, 5th Alexis Phipps. Class 22: 1st Andrew Shope, 2nd Drew Ramey, 3rd Erin Daniels, 4th Tanner Spradlin, 5th Zac Hammond. Class 23: 1st Eric Allen, 2nd Makayla Hadsell, 3rd Devon Cooper, 4th Ashton Hall, 5th Sara Smith.

Sr. Division Champion: Andrew Shope

Sr. Division Reserve: Drew Ramey

Grand Champion Market Hog: Andrew Shope

Reserve Champion Market Hog: Drew Ramey

4-H Market Hog Showmanship Results:

Senior Showmanship: 1st Tanner Spradlin, 2nd Andrew Shope, 3rd Drew Ramey, 4th Eric Allen, 5th Grace Emnett.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st Emilee Ramey, 2nd Bryce Green, 3rd Levi Tackett, 4th McKenzie Watters, 5th Samuel Wiehle.

Senior Showmanship: 1st Myles Montgomery, 2nd Grace Lucas, 3rd Asher Conley, 4th Kamryn Spriggs, 5th Braxtyn Holbrook.