SSU’s Dzik does field work in Greenland

Staff Report

Shawnee State University’s Anthony Dzik, Professor of Geography traveled to West Greenland to do field work and research.

Professor Dzik traveled to five different locations in Greenland: Kangerlussuaq, Uummannaq, Saattut, Ukkusissat and Illulissat, to investigate aspects of the settlement geography of Greenland.

“I find it remarkable that people have been able to construct viable settlements in such harsh Arctic environment by exploiting the limited resources and by being adaptable to changes brought about by natural fluctuations and varying political situations,” said Dzik. “This attests to the people’s knowledge of their physical environment and resiliency.”

During his time in Greenland, Professor Dzik was also able to gain insights as to potential climate change occurring there. He found there has been a slight retreat of approximately 20 meters of a glacier near Kangerlussuaq. Professor Dzik was also able to observe the economic activity and traditional processing in each of the five locations.

The field work has provided Professor Dzik with numerous insights that will be useful for his journal publications and upcoming book.

Professor Dzik has published several articles about Greenland, such as “Complementary of Site and Situation: A Case Study of Kulusuk, East Greenland,” “Three Kilometers & Three Centuries: Modernization and Cultural Landscape of Kulusuk Island, East Greenland,” “Settlement Closure or Persistence: A Comparison of Kangeq and Kapisillit, Greenland,” and published his latest book, Greenland in Climographs.

Staff Report