Stephenson joins Compass Community Health Care Center

Staff Report

Compass Community Health Care Center CEO Summer Kirby announces Brian Stephenson is joining the primary health center’s medical team as the Director of the Pediatric Occupational Therapy program. Mr. Stephenson’s educational background includes a Masters in Occupational Therapy, plus a Bachelor’s of Science, both from Shawnee State University.

Brian Stephenson said, “From a very early age, I have always been interested in helping others, and caring for others. Being an occupational therapist gives me that opportunity to assist in the growth and development in an individual’s daily life. Being able to develop relationships with individuals, and collaborating with them to develop skills and watching them become more independent is a very enjoyable and rewarding part of being an occupational therapist.”

Occupational therapists work with patients to develop treatment programs to improve their ability to perform daily activities. The Compass Pediatric Occupational Therapy program started with a 2011 Thank Offering grant from the national faith-based organization of The Presbyterian Women, with strong support and treatment guidance from the Occupational Therapy department at Shawnee State University.

The Compass Occupational Therapy program is one of the first pediatric specialty programs in the region to use innovative techniques and a sensory gym to make therapy sessions fun and effective, to involve the family in the treatment plan and to help young patients overcome challenges, so they learn strategies that will improve their daily lives.

The approaches utilized at Compass are often helpful with challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, learning difficulties, Development Dyspraxia, sensory deficits and general developmental challenges.

Mr. Stephenson says he looks forward to helping this program continue to grow, and will maintain high patient standards, and a new focus on expanding to provide opportunities for top-level care and education to more families. He says, “A very good team is already in place, and I believe that this program can grow and spread to other areas as well, in hopes to reach out to a variety of individuals who may need services. As a part of our mission to provide access to quality health care to all members of our community, we look to increase the number of

ways we can assist families and children who are in need of services. Whether it may be strategies to assist children in daily tasks that involve improving gross motor and fine motor skills, or increasing interaction and communication, our staff can provide the necessary assistance for both the child and the family.”

Staff Report