Superheroes swoop down at McDonald’s

By: Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Jessica Tracey and Kim Holt holding a baby that is with the superheroes

Jessica Tracey and Kim Holt holding a baby that is with the superheroes

Jessica Tracey, Mandy Kinskey, and Mark Hunter receiving the check

Notebooks, pencils, pens, and paper are what comes to mind when thinking about school starting.

However, what about those unfortunate ones that don’t have the resources that others have?

Thankfully, those individuals know that they will have food to eat this weekend, thanks to the Steven A. Hunter Power Packs.

Feed the hungry, they said. And, Mark and Virgie Hunter do just that. This time the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund held a fundraiser at the local McDonald’s in Portsmouth, Rosemount, and Wheelersburg.

Hunter doesn’t do anything for this fundraiser, but takes the money raised from these locations to feed the kids. It starts during the last two weeks of June, with the help of local managers and the employees at McDonald’s.

The General Manager, Mandy Kinskey at the Portsmouth McDonald’s and Manager, Jessica Tracey Holt at the Rosemount location, brought Hunter in, to present him with a check amounting to $5,182, an amount that he says, will make 1,728 power packs. As a result, that amount, in turn, will supply 6,900 meals to those kids in need.

The wonderful workers at McDonald’s will ask customers if they’d like to feed the hungry children locally, by donating a dollar or donating their change, whatever they want to give.

The customer then has the opportunity to have their name put on a window icon, which is the same as some of the national campaigns run. However, it is internally played as a competition amongst the three stores, to try and raise more money.

Hunter says that they promote it, but depend on the McDonald’s folks to ask for the donations.

“It becomes fun for them,” Hunter said. “We build it all around this superhero theme.”

Tracey, from the Rosemount McDonald’s, was dressed up this year as Wonder Woman to help further the cause. Kinskey said that she had dressed up last year. This is the third year this has been done.

The wrap up was the day of the heroes, the big finale. It is something they can reach out to the community with, because they have their treat bags, they have superheroes, they have cake, and they have raffle prizes. Also, during this time, they are donating 20 percent of their sales, for three hours.

“This check is not insignificant, Hunter said. This is a wonderful and fun cause. Virgie and I both love this campaign with the superhero theme. Even though the weather was not good, I think the people who did attend, had a really good time.”

The Rosemount store ended up as the winner. When asked by Hunter, what the Portsmouth store was going to do about that, Kinskey laughed and said, “that it will be a challenge!” It was her first year planning it. She stated she would not have her vacation the week before this, next year either, because she only had a week to prepare.

“One of the best things we love about this, besides the feeding of the children, it is in the people God has sent our way to help get all this together,” said Hunter.

Both managers spoke highly of the Hunters, but Hunter gave all credit to the Lord, “God is amazing. and there are so many people out there that help, like Jessica, Mandy, and their boss Bruce Parsley, because he allows them to do this. They want to help the community, they want to give back.

We are so grateful. For years, we hoped we could get a franchise to do something like this. And, never even really knew how to go about it. God opened the door and we found a way, in His timing. We are blessed that God gave us a mission.”

That mission states that the Hunter Fund is used to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged children in Scioto and surrounding counties by supplying basic needs and opportunities and fostering hope for their future.

Their primary focus is childhood hunger and it is addressed through Steven’s Power Pack Program, providing food for the weekend for elementary aged school children with financial needs.

The Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund, is picking up another school in Adams County this year, which pushes their grand total of schools to 19. This makes them go to approximately 1,160 kids, who will have food to eat, that they would probably not have had, if not for the the Hope Fund.

The Steven A Hunter Hope Fund was established in January 2006 in memory of Steven A Hunter. Steven was loved by all who knew him. Steven’s enthusiasm was contagious and his compassion inspires us all. Steven had a strong conviction to help those in need, rooted in his strong Christian faith.

Jessica Tracey and Kim Holt holding a baby that is with the superheroes Tracey and Kim Holt holding a baby that is with the superheroes

Jessica Tracey, Mandy Kinskey, and Mark Hunter receiving the check Tracey, Mandy Kinskey, and Mark Hunter receiving the check

By: Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

Reach: Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928

Reach: Kimberly Jenkins 740-353-3101 ext. 1928