SOMC Births-June16-26,2017

June 16

Jesse and Amanda Miller of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Michelle R. Hagen and Brad D. Hagen of Wheelersburg, daughter

Saleeta R. Andrews of Portsmouth, son

June 19

Shaina Elrod and Kenneth Elrod of Wheelersburg, daughter

June 20

Kristin M. Strickland and Kevin M. Ireland of Oak Hill, daughter

Matthew and Lauren Perry of Portsmouth, son

Ashton Adkins and Jeremy King of Portsmouth, daughter

Justin and Ronda Nelson of Argillite (Ky.), daughter

Tiffany Justice and Christopher Tomlin of Waverly, son

June 21

Ashley Wright and Daniel Clark of Waverly, son

Jerod and Michelle Evans of West Portsmouth, son

Seth and Jessica Cowgill of Wheelersburg, daughter

June 22

Meghan Spradlin and Mark Spradlin, Jr. of Portsmouth, son

Sarah Clifford of Portsmouth, daughter

Randall and Elisha Pemberton of Ironton, son

Jason and Laine Young of Stout, daughter

June 23

Terry and Ashley McNeilan of Peebles, daughter

Ryan and Shellee Sandlin of Lucasville, son

Nathan and Kristan Krekeler of Portsmouth, son

Elizabeth Fannin and Chase Garrett of McDermott, daughter

June 24

Joshua and Rose Riffe of Portsmouth, son

June 25

Cassadi Phillips and Jacob Darst of New Boston, daughter

June 26

Ben and Katie Figlestahler of Minford, daughter

Kayla Walters and Randy Eldridge of Portsmouth, son

Hailey Dunigan and Nathan Lykins of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Kayla Arthur and Steven Arthur of New Boston, daughter

June 27

Tyler Adkins and Cassandra Bowe of Piketon, daughter

Christopher and Jennifer Kouns of South Shore (Ky.), son

June 28

Derek and Miranda Goodson of Lucasville, daughter

June 29

Lauren and Matt McKinney of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Jeremy and Jami Jenkins of Wheelersburg, son

June 30

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Newman of Greenup (Ky.), son

John and Cassie Harcha of Portsmouth, daughter

Brad and Heather Yerian of Wheelersburg, daughter

July 3

Jordan Stewart and Remington Throckmorton, son

Erik and Farryn Bussa of Wheelersburg, son

Orion Blair and Brooke Hall of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Andrea Kegley of Friendship, son

Thomas Miller and Sarah Caudill of West Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Audrey Sparks of Portsmouth, son

July 4

Paige and Brandon Smith of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Jean Rawlins of Sciotoville, son

Sarah Brown of Portsmouth, daughter

July 5

Marvin and Amy Plumlee of Portsmouth, son

Brian and Laquita Grayson of Greenup (Ky.), son

Brian Collins and Cheran Taylor of Portsmouth, son

Kortney Bowling and Jacob Nunley of Portsmouth, daughter

Derek and Chelsea Lawhorn of Beaver, daughter

July 6

Kayla Vest and Matthew Bowen of Otway, daughter

Jessica Sperry and Travis Bescoe of Wheelersburg, son

Roy Meadows and Jessica Riggs of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Corey and Erica McWharter of Wheelersburg, daughter

July 7

Kiya and Zachary Humphreys of South Webster, daughter

Brandon and Karla Sturgill of Wheelersburg, daughter

Scott and Caitlynn Hayslip of McDermott, daughter

July 8

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis and Patricia Greathouse of Lucasville, daughter

Lance and Tiffany Allen of Wheelersburg, daughter

Kellie Stidham and Randy Fleenor of Portsmouth, son

July 10

Heath and Morgan Thomas of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Kylein Griffitt of South Portsmouth, daughter

Jimmy and Mary Fritz of Garrison (Ky.), son

July 11

Jordyn Freeman and John Dace of West Portsmouth, son

Mark and Charity Shonkwiler of Minford, daughter

Jennifer Smith and Chance Bennett of Portsmouth, daughter

Jennifer Lundy and Steven Miller of Portsmouth, daughter

Anthony and Laura Lawhun of South Shore (Ky.), son

July 12

Mark and Megan Tepe of Ripley, son

Rex and Cheryel Dummitt of Garrison (Ky.), son

Mason DeMint and Sierra DeMint of Lynx, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ruggles of Quincy (Ky.), daughter

July 13

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Chamblin of Stout, son

July 14

Natosha White of Sciotoville, daughter

Curstin Euton-Darby and Timmothy Clifford of Portsmouth, daughter

July 16

Rebecca Sowards and Patrick Henry of McDermott, daughter

Rodrigo and Jerrica Hernandez of McDermott, son

July 17

K’Lee McClurg and Austin Defoe of Rarden, son

July 18

Jeremy and Kayla Moore of Ironton, daughter

Tania and Donnie Vest of Otway, son

Lydia Jean Patrick of West Union, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Laura Meyer of Manchester, son

July 19

Donald and Amber Brown of Beaver, daughter

Hannah Crouch of Portsmouth, daughter

Bryan and Christan Craft of Wheelersburg, son

July 21

Justin and Cheyenne Jarrell of Lucasville, son

Brandy N. Tackett and Joseph E. Tackett of Piketon, son

Brian D. and Kayla Muck of Wheelersburg, son

July 24

Shanna Mustard and Jeff Gullett of Waverly, son

July 25

Cory and Britney Mullins of Lucasville, son

Ashley Royster and Matthew Mitchell of Piketon, son

Jeremy and Shawna Moore of Garrison (Ky.), son

Latosha Ruggles of Wheelersburg, daughter

Aundrea Cline and George Walters of Portsmouth, son

July 26

McKenzie Richard and Josh Richard of Lucasville, son

Tanaia Underwood and Ethan Robinson of Portsmouth, daughter

Seth and Tara Carver of South Shore (Ky.), son

Tony and Cassandra McComis of Piketon, son

Chuck and Jill Cuckler of Waverly, daughter