Floral design show at the Scioto County Fair

Staff Report

Area Garden Clubs, in conjunction with the Scioto County Fair Board, will present two separate, unique flower shows for the 2017 county fair. The first show will open on Monday afternoon, August 7. The second show will be presented on Thursday afternoon, August 10. Both shows will follow the current rules of the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs for floral design. Since a floral design show is a competitive environment, it is important that everyone have the specific specifications for the two shows August 7th and 10th.

The theme for the 2017 Scioto County Fair Flower show will be “Visiting the Farm”. Entry to the shows is open to everyone and will be judged for awards by approved judges from the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs. Each show will feature specific designs. Any designer wishing to participate in either show may contact Carolyn Wilcox a (740) 776-4453, to register.


REGISTRATION: Entries for all senior and junior artistic design classes must be mailed or phoned in or before July 25 to: Carolyn Wilcox, 514 Coriell Road, Portsmouth, OH 45662. Phone: 740 776-4453.

ARTISTIC DESIGN ENTRIES: Artistic design classes for Monday, MUST BE STAGED BY 11:00 A.M. Monday. Artistic design classes for Thursday, MUST BE STAGED BY 11:00 A.M. Thursday. The exhibitor must be the creator of all artistic designs. An exhibitor may make only one entry per artistic design class, with a maximum of 6 per show. For Senior Artistic Design Classes 32 – 35 and 41 – 44, backgrounds (vertical placement) will be furnished by the committee as specified in the schedule. Exhibitors are permitted to use only these backgrounds furnished by the committee. EXCEPTIONS: Class 37, 46 do not have backgrounds. You must provide your own backgrounds. Exhibitors are urged to use adequate plant materials so that the artistic exhibit has good horticultural value. All plant material used in artistic design classes must be listed on a special card provided by the committee at the entry table and must accompany the design. Painted or artificially colored line material within artistic designs is permitted but used at exhibitor’s own discretion. Bases, mats, figurines and accessories may be used in all artistic design classes unless specified. Painted or artificially colored fresh plant material is never permitted. NO artificial foliage, flowers, fruits, etc. may be used. The exhibitors’ hall will be cleared by 11:00 A.M. and all exhibitors who have not entered by that time will not be permitted to exhibit. Both the Monday show and the Thursday show will be judged by OAGC accredited judges. Judging will be by the standard system and oral judging begins at 12:30 p.m. Best of Show Awards 1, 2, and 3 will be given in the senior artistic design classes. Best of Show Awards 1,2,3,4 and 5 will be given in the senior horticulture classes. Best of Show awards will be given in the container-grown plant classes, junior horticulture classes, and junior artistic classes. The Award of Distinction for artistic design will be given in each show. An entry’s placement as Best of Show (1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th) will not preclude its selection for one or more of the special awards. 2017 Designer Tip: Read the specifications for your entry carefully, and follow the rules.

DESIGNS for Monday, August 7: Theme “VISITING THE FARM ”

Section IV Junior Artistic

29. Playtime at the Farm OPEN CLASS Designer’s Choice. Background: Lime Green

Section V Senior Artistic

30. Planting A Flower Garden Small Creative Design from 5” to 12” Staged in a 12” white cubicle. (4 of the 8 will be in novice class) {NOVICE CLASS –Entrants must not have won a blue ribbon in artistic design at the Scioto County Fair}

31. Sewing Lessons A Miniature Choice Design not to exceed 5” in any direction. Staged on a wooden shelf using a thimble.

32. Fall Treasures Traditional Dried Flower Design Background Soft Pink 32”x 48” high

33. O’er the River & Thru

the Woods Creative Satellitic Design Background: Yellow 32” x 48” high

34. Campfire Cookout Exhibition Table Type II Background: Light Blue 26” x 42” high

35. Country Wheels Creative Design Background: Orange 32” x 48” high

36. Don’t Slam the Screen Door A small garden staged in front of a screen door. Must provide your own screen door.

37. Quilting Bee Choice Design including a quilt (SPECIAL CLASS) Designer

provides own background. Design not to exceed 36” in width

DESIGNS for Thursday, August 10, 2017 Theme “VISITING THE FARM ”

Section VI Junior Artistic

38. Working On the Farm OPEN CLASS Choice Design Background: Lime Green

Section VII Senior Artistic

39. Drying Flowers A Small Choice Design from 5” – 12” Staged in a 12” white cubicle using dried flowers.

40. Gathering Nuts & Pine Cones A Miniature Choice Design not to exceed 5” in any direction. Staged

on a wooden shelf using nuts and pine cones.

41. A Walk in the Shade Traditional, All Foliage Design. Background: Soft Pink 32 x 48” high

42. Barnyard Bounty A Creative Assemblage Design. Background: Yellow 32” x 48” high

43. Garden Party for Grandma Exhibition Table Type I Background: Light Blue 26” x 42” high

44. Gathering the Harvest A Choice Design to include vegetables or fruit Background: Orange 32” x 48” high

45. Decorating the Screen Door Decorating a Screen Door with a Wreath

46. Helping Grandpa With Chores A Choice Design (SPECIAL CLASS) Designer provides background

Design not to exceed 36” in width.

Section VIII Educational Exhibit

47. Bees at Work on the Farm Honey Bees at Work. Minford Garden Club – Margaret Reed

Section IX Invitational Exhibit

48. The Farm Yard An exhibition Garden with contributions from members of all Garden Clubs under the guidance of Wooten Landscaping and Brenda Wooten and Melanie Karr from Portsmouth Garden Club.


Summer is the time for gardening and our yards highlight our creativity in the pleasant, inspiring and comforting respite only a garden can bring. The June meeting of Slocum Garden Club featured a visit to gardens in the Wheelersburg area belonging to: Mary Lou Beaumont, Connie Chamberlin, Sue Leadingham and Nancy Mullins.

The yards and gardens of Connie Chamberlin and Nancy Mullins reflected their interests, personalities and talents. Mullins’s weeping redbud, bed of blue hydrangeas and southern inspired porch; Chamberlin’s arborvitae, bird retreat and fish bowl garden are examples of their “green thumbs”. Hundreds of flowers, shrubs and trees were viewed, as members admired Sue Leadingham’s petunias and potting shed; Mary Lou Beaumont’s contorted filbert bush, herb garden and curly willow tree. The day offered, not only the opportunity to view and enjoy but to discuss the care and keeping of the numerous specimens.

The tour culminated with desert and a meeting at Wheelersburg’s Pan Headz Pizza Restaurant. President Reese thanked the gardeners for their work in preparing their homes and gardens for the tour. Members viewed and chose a quilt top to be finished for possible sale. The quilt tops were crafted by Joyce Bays. Teresa Book, club treasurer reported on the plant sale profits.

Plans were discussed for a reception for out-going Region 10 Director Beverly Norman in the early fall.

The flower show schedules for the Scioto County Fair and OAGC Convention were reviewed, members encouraged to participate in both events. The Scioto County Fair Flower Shows are scheduled for August 7 and 10, with the theme. “Visiting the Farm”.

The educational exhibits for June were small floral designs presented by members: Carla Scifres, Book Reese, and Beaumont. Exhibits were critiqued by OAGC Judge Emeritus Brooks Sexton. Reese’s design featuring a tiny driftwood base was voted best. Judge Sexton reinforced the importance of size restrictions (5” in every direction) and urged the use foliage in the design. She complimented all entries.

Reese recognized Irene Duffney for her generous donation of several gardening books, to the Lucasville Branch of the Portsmouth Public Library.

Reese closed the meeting with a hint: Wrap a lamppost with chicken wire to encourage vine growth. Suggested plants were clematis, ivy, hyacinth vine, trumpet vine and morning glory.

Later in June, members Cathy Chapman, Teresa Book, Mary Lou Beaumont and Joyce Bays assisted residents of Wheelersburg’s River Bend House Assisted Living Facility in creating a fairy village in a raised gardening bed. Residents constructed a village of huts, a church, several businesss, a park and stream meandering throughout. The landscape was dotted with pets, sheep, a horse or two and a number of farm and forest animals. This project had several donors: Lowe’s Garden Center, Lady Bug Nursery and club members. The July therapy activity will feature making bouquets from horticulture specimens for the Scioto County Fair August 10 flower show.

In July Slocum Garden Club will travel to Frankfort, Oh. for the Sunflower Festival. They will be entering their sunflower specimens for judging. The new program year 2017-18 starts October 1 and new members are always welcome. Contact 740-259-4432


Several members of Region 10 Ohio Association of Garden Clubs attended the 2017 Convention, “Keeping America Beautiful – Start With Your Home” held July 13 – 15 at the Columbus Marriott NW in Dublin, Ohio.

Teresa Book, Carla Scifres, Beverly Norman and Diane Reese, Slocum Garden Club attended and participated in the convention, as did Shelby Powell and Sherrill Day of Green Triangle Garden Club. They joined other Region 10 members, from Minford and Portsmouth Garden Clubs in acting as hostesses, providing 1,200 table favors, 80 table decorations and numerous door prizes, hand-crafted and secured by club members.

Several Region 10 members participated in the convention flower show, “America the Beautiful”. Book was recognized as Region 10 Garden Club Member of the Year and the all clubs received service awards.

New 2017-2019 officers of OAGC were inducted and the convention was a success.


July found members of Green Triangle Garden Club revisiting Shawnee State Park for a business luncheon. Hostesses were Shelby Powell and Hazel Piatt. The business meeting was opened by President Eva Wolery and she received several reports.

Announcements were made concerning new officers for the year beginning September 2017. 2017-18 President will be Karen Evans, and Wolery reported on progress on the new program book.

Jenny Richards, Naturalist with Shawnee State Forestry Division provided the Program, “ Foraging in the Wild”. Members received information on various edible plants that are available in the wild. For example, Garlic Mustard is considered an invasive weed, but all parts of this plant are edible, including the flowers, leaves, roots, and seeds. The flowers can be added to salads for variety. The roots are best used in the early spring or late fall. Everybody’s grandmother can attest to mustard greens in the early spring.

Richards provided handouts listing 15 edible wild plants found in our own terrain. For example: Primrose, which flavors a fine wine; Lemon Balm, known for tea; and Field Garlic which combines the taste of onion and garlic; The program ended with a mini hike to observe and indentify plants in our forest region.

Staff Report