Batman visits Lucasville

Heroes for Hire stops at public library

By: Holly Gail - PDT Contributor

Many kids dream of meeting their favorite superhero. On Saturday, this became a reality for over 250 people at the Lucasville Public Library. Cars filled up the entire lot next to the library, and kids rushed toward the building, filled with excitement.

Heroes for Hire is an organization who sends out superheroes to spend time with kids and encourage them to be a better person. The heroes compel the children to be everyday heroes. One of the rooms at the library was completely filled, with standing room only even lining into the hallway.

Batman drove his Bat-mobile all the way to Lucasville to give an inspirational talk to both kids and adults. He instructed the kids to never give up, always do the right thing, help other people, and never be a bully. When he turned to the adults, he encouraged them that it’s never too late to redefine yourself.

This real-life Batman took stories from his own life to show how people can fall down, but pick themselves back up. The message was inspiring to those in attendance.

Kristen Baker, the branch manager at the Lucasville Library was very pleased with how the event turned out. Her team has been working hard to ensure the area has fun activities.

“We are trying to do more community style programming,” Baker said. “One of my teammates came up with the idea of having a super-hero program. It was super easy to get him here. We emailed him, and he responded within the same day.”

Batman took the time to pose for pictures with every person who showed up to the event. Even though it was hot outside, the kids waited patiently for their turn with this superhero. Some kids even had their own costumes.

“We were expecting about 100 to 150 people to come today, and we almost doubled that number,” Baker said. “We’ve been trying to do a lot of programs outside because we have a beautiful space out here and we’re always thinking of new ways to get people involved.”

The whole library staff participated in helping organize the event, and were ready with a friendly face for those who showed up to meet Batman.

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Heroes for Hire stops at public library

By: Holly Gail

PDT Contributor