Summer Soiree is more than just a night out

Staff Report

On August 5, SOMC will host a major fundraiser for its Transcending Lives campaign known as the Summer Soiree. Those who participate will not only enjoy an evening of classic summertime activities, dinner and more – they will be helping renovate and expand SOMC Hospice.

The expansion will allow for additional patient rooms, as well as a new family gathering room, a meditation room, upgraded restrooms, updated kitchen and also more support staff areas.

Mary Arnzen, planned giving and major events officer, has seen this campaign and SOMC Hospice evolve into what it is today. She recently shared why this is more than a campaign to her and why it is so important to give back to the hospice facility.

“When I was going to visit my mother in a hospice facility in a larger city, I was very surprised,” Arnzen said. “I quickly realized that even though I was in a larger city and at a larger hospital, their hospice facility didn’t compare to ours. We are truly blessed with an amazing impatient hospice center here at SOMC.”

SOMC Hospice has supported more than 5,000 patients in the 10 years it has offered services to the community. SOMC believes it is time for to expand and touch the lives of more patients and their families.

The Summer Soiree will take place at Ron LeMaster’s farm, located at 80 LeMaster Lane in Garrison, Kentucky. LeMaster recently shared his story of why hospice and the Transcending Lives Campaign is important to him.

He said he didn’t realize what they were going to do at hospice when the new facility was getting ready to open. He went to the open house to see what it was like and how it planned to serve the community. He saw how he could make a positive impact on the community through giving to SOMC Hospice.

During the first campaign, LeMaster said he realized there was one patient room left that hadn’t been named. He decided that was the way he wanted to make an impact, so he and his wife decided they would donate enough to name a patient room during the first campaign for the new Hospice.

LeMaster recalled how he received a card from a family who had a loved one who spent their last days in hospice. The family thanked LeMaster and his wife for donating and naming the room they stayed in.

“That was worth it all to me,” LeMaster said upon receiving the card from the thankful family.

The Transcending Lives Campaign’s purpose is to impact lives of families such as the family that thanked Ron LeMaster and his wife.

If you wish to attend SOMC’s Summer Soiree or just make a donation to the Transcending Lives Campaign, you can do so by visiting or by texting “Hospice” to 20731.

The campaign has raised over $1,700,000 towards the $3,000,000 goal. A total of $700,000 more is needed to break ground.

If you have any questions about the naming rights that are still available or you would like to talk about donating stock, a life insurance policy or planned gift, please contact Mary Arnzen at 740-356-2504 or

Staff Report