Millie’s Coop

Food truck promotes local farmers

By: Holly Gail

Keith and Dawn Monroe.

Keith and Dawn Monroe.

Millie’s Coop, created by Keith and Dawn Monroe.

If you’ve driven around Portsmouth Ohio much, chances are, you’ve seen a trailer-turned-food truck somewhere in town. Millie’s Coop was created by Keith and Dawn Monroe, a charming couple who live in town. They purchased a trailer and flipped the inside to be a movable restaurant. Their hard work paid off.

“We bought the trailer, and fixed it up ourselves,” Dawn said. “We put everything in on the inside, like the sinks and the grill. We had to work all of the kinks out, but we pretty well have it down pat. Most of the time, we’re both here.”

This food truck has been around since May of last year, and is an enjoyable hobby for this couple.

“I do this for fun,” said Keith. “When I stop having fun, I’m not doing it anymore.”

Both Keith and Dawn are veterans who met in the Air Force. They’ve been married for 36 years, and they are adamant about buying their food locally. They get their beef from Hardyman’s in Minford, their chicken and pork from Rocky Acres Farms on the West Side, and Keith makes his own buns.

“We always try and buy local,” Keith said. “There is an importance in supporting our local farmers. I believe that in order to have a thriving local economy, we need to support them. We do this by buying from local farmers markets. People should try as much as possible to support our farmers.”

Every Saturday, Mille’s Coop can be found at the Roy Roger’s Esplanade at the farmer’s market, and those passing by get a kick out of their playful banter.

“We fuss and argue, just like every other couple,” Keith said.

“People say they come to the farmer’s market just to watch us,” Dawn remarked. “When he’s grumpy, I can give it right back to him.”

Millie’s Coop was named after Dawn’s late stepmother, who made an impact on her life.

“Millie was my step-mother’s name,” Dawn said. “She was a very good stepmother and very influential. The people that are in your life are there for a reason.”

If you’d like to have a good meal and support local farmers in the process, swing by Millie’s Coop. Some days they are located on Market Street through the week, and are at the Roy Roger’s Esplanade on Fridays and Saturdays.

Keith and Dawn Monroe. and Dawn Monroe.

Millie’s Coop, created by Keith and Dawn Monroe.’s Coop, created by Keith and Dawn Monroe.
Food truck promotes local farmers

By: Holly Gail