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Dana Pollock, Northwest’s current Superintendent

Dana Pollock, Northwest’s current Superintendent

Northwest Local Schools

Running a school district as a superintendent is a difficult job in itself, but doing so in the largest school district in Scioto County makes it even more difficult.

Add in the fact that Northwest was just this time last year, looking for a superintendent, and the school board once again finds themselves having to start the process of finding a suitable candidate for their schools just one year after beginning the same process. Dana Pollock, the current superintendent, turned in her resignation at the last board meeting July 12.

Keith Crabtree, President of the Northwest Board of Education, was asked about Pollock leaving the district before the upcoming school year. He said that she had accepted a job at Manchester High School as the principal and that stated that there were disagreements with the union that contributed to her decision. Crabtree said that the school board asked her to reconsider, but by that time, she had already accepted her new position.

Crabtree went on to say that Northwest is a different place than a lot of other areas and there is a lot that goes on there, and it does become a lot of work for the superintendent.

As far as how Pollock felt toward the district weighing on her decision, Crabtree stated that he didn’t feel she was bitter toward the district, but that things had changed and she was looking at life a little differently.

“It was time for her to make a change,” Crabtree said. “She had said that life was too short and the stress of fighting with the union had done her in actually.”

Crabtree felt that it wasn’t anything toward Northwest. Crabtree stated that Pollock had been with the district just a little over a year.

“We were caught off guard with this,” Crabtree said. “We weren’t expecting this. There had been rumors and I asked her, but at that time she probably wasn’t sure she would get that job then, so she told me she was going to try to fulfill her contract. And then this came up, and she probably saw something that was a little easier and she decided to take that job.”

The school board did accept her resignation the evening of the board meeting on July 12.

“She did have a lot to deal with, she came into a weird situation, and it’s been a lot over the past year,” Crabtree said. “And, it was just more than she wanted to deal with at this point in her career. Our district is a very large, spread out district, and it’s very divided. There are so many things with it. It becomes a lot to take for a lot of people. The superintendent at Northwest has a lot to deal with, with the unions and a melting pot of people, a diverse group and it’s just a lot.

“You are never gonna make everybody happy. Almost every decision you’re gonna make within the district is, half of them are gonna be happy and half are not, and this happens over every little decision. It is very stressful for people. There is nothing you can do to make everybody happy all the time. It’s at the point where some decision you make, is going to make somebody unhappy. I think everyone that steps in there as a superintendent or board member, their intentions are honorable, they intend on doing what’s right, but their version of what’s right and what other people’s versions of right, they don’t always coincide … “

Speaking with Pollock Tuesday morning, she was very positive about the school district as a whole. She said that she did not have difficulty with the teacher’s union, but there were differences in opinions, with the classified union.

“The teachers were great to work with and I felt they accomplished quite a bit this past school year,” Pollock said.

Pollock also reinforced the same point that Crabtree made about her reason for leaving, which was that she had accepted another job and that part of her reason was the classified union and their disagreements this past year, but that she also missed being with the students and teachers and sharing in their day to day lives. She felt that being a high school principal will give her the opportunity to do that.

Dana Pollock, Northwest’s current Superintendent
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Northwest Local Schools
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