A continental success

Kindinger has run a race on all seven continents

By: Kelsi Holstein - PDT Contributor

Peggy Kindinger never imagined her goal to get into shape and run a 5K would lead her to run a marathon on each of the seven continents. So far, Kindinger has completed a marathon on six of the seven continents. Asia was the last continent on her list, however when she went to China this past spring she was unable to complete her race.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would run all of these places,” Kindinger said. “When I first started running, all I wanted to do was run a 5K.”

After running a few marathons overseas, Kindinger set her mind to running a race on every continent.

“After I ran Kenya and Australia, it kind of sunk in, maybe I can do this seven continent thing.”

Kindinger ran her first race overseas in Kenya in 2010, since then she has ran in Australia, Stockholm, Rio, Rome, Antarctica, and China.

During the race in China, Kindinger was able to run on the Great Wall of China and through some of the surrounding villages. Kindinger got dehydrated during the race and her body overheated. She was able to complete 21 miles of the race and was credited with a half marathon.

“Usually these races I’m able to finish them and I don’t get sick until after, but this time I got sick during the race, and I don’t know why,” Kindinger said.

Kindinger intends to train more and figure out why her body overheats, and then go back to China to finish her goal.

“I do want to go back and redo the wall again, give it another try, if I get sick again I get sick again,” Kindinger said.

During her travels to each of the continents, Kindinger has had the opportunity to see some amazing things.

In Kenya she was able to see wild animals, even during the race when a zebra ran by her. In Australia the race she ran was around Ayers Rock. In Antarctica she saw penguins and seals.

One of Kindinger’s favorite moments was when she ran in Rome and was able to run through St. Peter’s Square.

“There was something spectacular about running through St. Peter’s square, the moment was just like, I looked forward to it the whole race,” Kindinger said.

Although Kindinger has achieved an incredible goal by running in so many places, she says her trips are about more than just marathons.

“The trips aren’t just about the marathons, the trips are about making friendships, you know learning about different cultures, embracing different cultures,” Kindinger said.

Before Kindinger started running at the age of 48, Kindinger wouldn’t have considered herself athletic. She says everything that she has achieved has been through hard work.

“Running was the hardest thing, I don’t think I liked it for the first year because it was so hard. But I love it now, it’s gotten easier.”

Kindinger belives that she is proof that anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to.

“In high school I didn’t do sports, I didn’t do anything like that, but it has just been nothing but hard work and training,” Kindinger said. “And I think anybody can do whatever they want to do as long as you work hard and train for it. I mean if you have a dream I say go for it, because dreams do come true.”

Kindinger has run a race on all seven continents

By: Kelsi Holstein

PDT Contributor