First scholarship awarded

Schaefer earns first Holsinger scholarship

By Chris Slone -



The term “student-athlete” has become virtually obsolete. However, there are still individuals who embrace the core values of that definition.

One of those individuals is Hagen Schaefer, a 2017 graduate of Notre Dame High School. Schaefer, who is enrolling in Shawnee State University in the fall, has taken home approximately seven scholarships because of her athletic success and hard work in the classroom.

Monday, Schaefer added one more scholarship to her arsenal as she became the first person to be awarded a scholarship from the Floyd Holsinger Scholarship Fund, established at the Scioto Foundation.

Schaefer, who was elated to win the inaugural scholarship, wants to make the Scioto Foundation proud by continuing to contribute to the community.

“I feel extremely honored to receive this first scholarship,” Schaefer said. “It just means a lot being from the community, knowing I try to give back any way that I can. I see all these people trying to go out in the world to do big things, but they don’t really realize all the help that we need in our community. So, I really appreciate the people that take time out of their lives to try and better the community and I want to try to do the same thing.

“That’s why receiving this scholarship means so much, just because I’ve had people in my life who’ve modeled that for me, so I’ve had a chance to look up to them — especially the donors, they’ve been so instrumental in the community and I’m glad that I have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps.”

Schaefer plans on earning a degree in intervention early childhood education at Shawnee.

“I really want to stay in the area, I’m a homebody. My degree has a dual option — it’s in special education or early childhood education, so I can go either route,” Schaefer said. “I’ve just seen my mom and I see how she works with special needs kids, and that really suits me. I just really want to teach. I want to be around kids. I would also love to coach. I would love to coach high school, either basketball or volleyball. I just really love athletics, just being around kids, so anyway I can help them I want to do that.”

The fund’s initial scholarship marks the 80th birthday of Floyd Holsinger, the long-time Portsmouth businessman who died on Oct. 27, 1997.

The Holsinger Family Scholarship Fund was established by Floyd’s wife Phyllis, his sons Christopher and John, and daughter Christina in August, 1998.

“We started the fund because so many people made donations when Floyd died,” Phyllis Holsinger said in a written statement. “We were overwhelmed and we wanted to put the money to the best use.

“Floyd was thirsty for education and eager to learn. He was a great supporter of the kids, always boosting them in school. He wanted the children to go to Notre Dame where he felt they would be encouraged by the influence of a Catholic education, church discipline and the love of people at the school.”

Schaefer earns first Holsinger scholarship

By Chris Slone