New Boston gives hefty raises

By Nikki Blankenship -

The Village of New Boston recently voted to give police and fire a hefty raise.

Last week, New Boston Village Council voted to give pay raises for police and fire employees, a decision that was recommended to Council by the finance committee last month. At that time, the finance committee was recommending raises for all Village employees; however, Councilman Dan Fetty suggested that the fire and police departments be given raises first with other employees to be considered at a later date.

Fetty explained that raises for all would put a major hit on the budget. The councilman stated that starting with the two departments with the most need would allow council to evaluate how the raises impact Village operations at a smaller scale. Police and fire are currently understaffed. Increases in pay are expected to make the departments more competitive in the job market. Council officially voted to give raises to the two departments Monday, July 3.

“The Village council voted to give pay raises to the police and fire departments and will be considering pay raises for the service department, dispatchers and office workers in the near future,” New Boston Mayor William Williams stated.

Councilman Mike Payton explained that raises varied based upon classification; however, police and fire did see an increase of more than $3 an hour.

“Overall as far as we know it is the biggest raise ever given to NB employees,” Payton stated.

He added that the Village is trying to give some kind of a raise to everyone.

“They all deserve more money. It just takes a while to work out the details,” he added.

New Boston police and fire personnel are now working at the following pay scale:

Chief – $18.26/hr

Captain – $17.74/hr

Lieutenant – $17.46/hr

Sergeant – $17.18/hr

3 year officer/fire fighter – $16.67/hr

2 year officer/fire fighter – $16.34/hr

1 year officer/fire fighter – $16.00/hr

Additionally, Village employee raises are expected to be voted on at the next Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 18 at the New Boston Community Center on Rhodes Ave.

By Nikki Blankenship

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1931.

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1931.