The Counseling Center attends Ohio’s 2017 opiate conference

Staff Report

Employees and the President of the Board of Directors at The Counseling Center, Inc. (TCC) attended Ohio’s 2017 Opiate Conference on June 12th and 13th, 2017. The Ohio 2017 Opiate Conference is an opportunity for treatment providers, law enforcement, and other concerned individuals to provide and gain information on the industry trends and best practices. Two employees of The Counseling Center were invited to present information on treatment practices utilized at TCC.

Mary Irwin, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, presented Stepping Stones: Working with Pregnant Moms as well as Their Children. Specifically, on how the formation of a maternity work group has allowed for notable outcomes regarding pregnant women who are in addiction treatment, the impact of coordination of care and occupational therapy for children in services, as well as identifying how TCC clients make an impact in the community and how the community impacts TCC clients.

Robin Looney, Director of Day One Admission Center and Family Services, presented on progressive efforts to revitalize TCC’s admissions and orientation process. With the input of Performance Improvement committee meetings and feedback from clients, changes were made to more efficiently serve new clients. Within a welcoming environment, the Day One Admission Center works to increase access and respond urgently to clients presenting for care. Looney stated that she hopes audience members left with new ideas about changes in process, staffing, and a physical plan which could enable providers to improve services.

Ohio’s 2017 Opiate Conference was also a platform for showing the importance of Medicaid Expansion. Andy Albrecht, Chief Executive Officer for The Counseling Center, spoke at a press conference held during the event. Albrecht spoke about key outcomes that directly relate to Medicaid Expansion as demonstrated at TCC such as, the creation of 67 full time jobs, 2.3 million dollars added to payroll, 1100 men obtaining treatment services, 400 men diverted from regional county jails, as well as the development of integrated services for physical and behavioral health. He noted, “Medicaid expansion has been the single biggest thing that has happened to our agency and local communities to help individuals in need of addiction treatment.”

During the last group session of the conference, the hashtag campaign #WhatHappensTomorrow rolled out as a way to reach out to legislators around the state and share stories of how Medicaid Expansion is beneficial to the field of behavioral health.

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Since 1984, The Counseling Center Inc. has served the southeastern Ohio region as a behavioral health, alcohol and addiction treatment facility. Currently, The Counseling Center serves approximately 200 clients annually, employs 264 people and operates locations in both Adams County and Scioto County. Programs of The Counseling Center include the Stepping Stone program for addicted mothers and expectant mothers, the Marsh House for Men, the Second Chance Center, St. Lucy’s program for Women, The Loved Ones Group for families of addicted loved ones, youth prevention services, a job training program called Clean Hire, primary health care and recovery housing through affiliated agencies, and other supportive services. Online at

Staff Report