Portsmouth Amateur Radio Club honing skills, making contacts

By Kelsi Holstein - PDT Contributor

The Portsmouth Amateur Radio Club came together on Saturday and Sunday at Mound Park for an amateur radio field day to hone their skills as amateur radio operators, and make as many contacts as possible with other operators around the country and around the world.

“We come here because we enjoy doing this together, it’s what we call somewhat like a contest to see how many contacts we can make in a 24-hour period,” Gary Caldwell said.

Amateur radio operators all over the country participate in the field day and host events similar to the one hosted by the Portsmouth Amateur Radio Club.

The Portsmouth Amateur Radio Club meets on the first Monday of every month. Most members of the club do amateur radio communication as a hobby. Amateur radio, sometimes known as ham radio, is an interesting way of communication because it can reach great distances without the use of the internet or phones.

“One of the great things about it, with amateur radio is that if all else fails with satellites and telephones, ham radio can get the message through,” Caldwell said. “So it’s a readiness. Ham radio operators are some of the only ones that can get the message in and out if a disaster occurs.”

Tom Williams, a member of the Portsmouth Amateur Radio Club, says that what he enjoys most about the club is the camaraderie and the fellowship.

The Portsmouth Radio Club is committed to helping anyone who wants to learn about amateur radio. They will provide free books and information. They meet at Post 23 in Portsmouth.

For more information on the Portsmouth Radio Club, visit the Portsmouth Amateur Radio Club at https://www.facebook.com/w4pox/ or visit the national association for amateur radio (ARRL for short) at http://www.arrl.org/Groups/view/portsmouth-radio-club.

By Kelsi Holstein

PDT Contributor