NCP opens Piketon office

Nuclear Care Partner’s (NCP) hosted a grand-opening ceremony for their new Piketon location on June 15.

Although the office has been accepting clients since April, today served as an open house for the organization, so they could showcase their services to the community.

While NCP operates several branches across the United States, the Piketon office is the first in Ohio.

“We’re starting this office to cover the state of Ohio. We’re starting out in this area and we’re really excited to be here,” said NCP Outreach Manager, Bruce Anderson. “Our future plans are to expand out further than that and go to other cities here in Ohio that have atomic workers that need help.”

Regional Director, Stacy Todd added, “NCP started with two nurses and they branched out and started this company from a tiny little pool of five patients. It’s grown into my area, which is South Carolina and Georgia. We picked Ohio because we feel like there’s definitely a need here. We know that there are other home health companies, but we feel like we stand apart because we’re committed to integrity and service excellence and we feel those key elements set us apart. We’ve already received a tremendous response in the short time we’ve been open and we’re growing by leaps and bounds.”

NCP provides resources for former Department of Energy workers who have been diagnosed with work related illnesses and consequently qualify for no-cost in-home medical benefits.

With the Gaseous Diffusion Plant (The “A” Plant) nearby, NCP can assist former employees in getting benefits if they qualify.

“I run the home health agency part of that and what we do is offer home health services to plant workers or retirees who got a disease or an illness related to the work that they did out there,” explained Clinical Director, Doreen Barbee. “They have to present their information and if it’s proven that they did get a disease then they get compensation for that and it’s an insurance card, it’s nicknamed the white card insurance. It’s 100 percent paid medical benefits for whatever disease they got out there. We also offer home health care, from monitoring visits to 24/7 care in the home. That prevents them from going into nursing homes or long term care facilities. We can also get them set up to start the process of filing their claim to get a white card and provide resources about survivors benefits as well.”

Piketon Mayor Billy Spencer was also present during the ceremony, as an employee of the plant, he believes NCP will be a tremendous resource for the area.

“The atomic plant is a mile from here,” Spencer said. “I’ve been out there almost 38 years myself, I’ve seen a lot of people get sick because over the years there have been exposures to different chemicals and things. It’s not only an asset to those people, but to the town to have them in place here. Piketon is centrally located here in Pike County and it’s easy to access. I’m really happy these guys moved into Piketon and I think they will be too. We’ll support them and I know they’ll do a lot of good for a lot of people.”

For more information about NCP or if someone you know may qualify for their assistance, please call the office at 740-400-0011, Bruce Anderson at 740-970-2819 or Doreen Barbee at 740-776-8173 to set up an appointment. You can also go online to or

Representatives of Nuclear Care Partners (NCP), Pike County Government and the Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon on the new NCP location. of Nuclear Care Partners (NCP), Pike County Government and the Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon on the new NCP location.

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