Top GOP lawmaker shot, wounded

Wenstrup provides emergency medical attention

By Chris Slone -

A top House Republican, Steve Scalise, was shot and wounded Wednesday at a congressional baseball practice blocks away from the Capital Building in Washington.

Several other people were injured, with two being listed as critical. According to Alexander police, five people were taken to area hospitals including the shooter who was wounded in an altercation with capital police that were a part of Scalise’s security detail.

According to multiple reports, approximately 50-60 rounds of ammunition were fired between a riffle and a pistol the gunman later wielded.

“He was moving. He was an active shooter,” Representative Brad Wenstrup, who witnessed the event, told Fox News. “He was moving from one place to another where he had protection. He went from behind the dugout to behind the building, and at the end, he came out with a pistol, so he must have ran out of some of his ammunition on his rifle and he used his pistol when the police closed down on him.”

Once the escalation ended, Wenstrup was one of the first individuals to provide emergency medical attention to Scalise who had been shot in the hip. According to his office, Wenstrup, who is a veteran combat surgeon, did what he was trained to do.

Wenstrup said Scalise was conscious the entire time.

“He was (conscious),” Wenstrup said. “He was as brave as could be be. He said, ‘I’m thirsty’ and obviously, you don’t know how much fluid he may be losing internally. So we made sure we got as much fluid, Gatorade and water, as we could until they could get to him. The quicker they could get to him the better.”

Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis, who has a long standing relationship with Wenstrup, released a statement after news broke of the attack.

“The tragic events of (Wednesday) morning remind us all of the fact that evil exists and life can change in a moment of time,” Davis said. “My prayers go out to Congressman Scalise, his aide and the first responders who were hurt in the senseless shooting. I am also glad my friend Rep. Brad Wenstrup as well others were not hurt. I have known Brad for several years now, and he has always been ready and able to take calls from me and others, and work for all of us in Scioto County.

“Within minutes of the event, I received notice from one of his staffers he was OK. I thank God that Brad and others with medical backgrounds were there to offer assistance to the wounded and for the first responders who were there and fought back so courageously.”

Shortly after providing medical attention to Scalise, Wenstrup released a statement of his own in summarizing the events.

“You never expect a baseball field in America to feel like being back in a combat zone in Iraq, but this morning it did,” Wenstrup said. “Capitol police and emergency responders reacted swiftly and courageously – we are grateful for their presence. I urge the nation to keep Rep. Scalise and all injured in their prayers today.”

The Associated Press and Fox News contributed to this report

Wenstrup provides emergency medical attention

By Chris Slone

Reach Chris Slone at 740-353-3101, ext 1927, or on Twitter @crslone.

Reach Chris Slone at 740-353-3101, ext 1927, or on Twitter @crslone.