March 9

Blane and Shauna Kirkendall of Franklin Furnace, daughter

April 28

Austin Egbert and Brianna Pollitt of Tollesboro (Ky), daughter

April 29

Chris Bertram and Sabrina Disher of Seaman, son

April 30

Tena Sirk and Scotty Miller of Portsmouth, daughter

Dustin Mankar and Blakely Felder of Portsmouth, son

May 1

Krystle Flannigan and Trevor Lewis of Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson of Wheelersburg, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Perez of New Boston, son

May 2

Carrie Puckett of Lucasville, daughter

Matthew Kahn and Paige Nichols of Otway, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfong of West Portsmouth, son

May 4

Gary and Brandy Perry of Sciotoville, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Rebecca Keaton of West Portsmouth, son

Sheila and Robert Daniels of Minford, son

May 5

Steven and Vanessa Seidel of Portsmouth, son

Allison McGlone and Marshall Riffe of West Portsmouth, son

May 6

Joe and Aimee Carter of South Shore (Ky), daughter

May 8

Mr. and Mrs. Gorman of Waverly, son

Brittany Alexander and Joe Brown of Portsmouth, son

Brianna Harris and Jacob Harris of Waverly, daughter

Katelyn and Christopher Ward of West Portsmouth, son

Reneé Cyrus of West Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Craft of Greenup (Ky), son

May 9

Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster of Portsmouth, son

Stephanie and Tyler Huston of Wheelersburg, son

Hayley Will and Austin Coon of Portsmouth, son

Arelena Ferrell of Wheelersburg, daughter

May 10

Lucille Euton of McDermott, daughter

Hannah Scowden and Anthony Ealey of Wheelersburg, twin daughters

Melissa Rase of Lucasvile, son

Robin Casey and David Crabtree of Lucasville, son

Mr. and Mrs. Hayslip of Lynx, son

May 11

Michael and Stephanie Tomlin of West Union, son

Eric and Angela Shreck of Piketon, son

Bethany Shoemaker and Dakota Shelpman of Bainbridge, son

May 12

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Lucas of Wheelersburg, daughter

Brandon and Kristi Rockey of Blue Creek, son

May 13

Mariah Baker and Jeff Smith of West Portsmouth, son

Jessica James and Jimmy Dace II of Portsmouth, son

May 14

Jay Aquino and Leslie Aquino of Waverly, daughter

Austin Detillion and Sarah Cuckler of Waverly, daughter

May 15

Eric and Jasmine Thompson of Otway, daughter

Brittany Stone and Mike Zornes of South Shore (Ky), son

Zach Barney and Kimberly Taylor of Portsmouth, daughter

May 16

Breanna Lambert and James Cole of Lucasville, daughter

Michelle Hubbard of McDermott, son

Brittany Young of Waverly, son

May 17

Amber Sellars and Joshua Cook of Beaver, son

Benjamin Perkins and Amy Charles of Waverly, daughter

Matthew and Victoria Preast of Portsmouth, son

Dale and Amanda Gilmer, son

Felicia Long of Manchester, son

May 18

Perry and Nikki Christian of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Jessica Ervin and Nathan Adams of Piketon, son

Michael and Breanna Applegate of Tollesboro (Ky.), son

Jessica Musick and Corey Hannah of West Portsmouth, son

Andy and Ashley Click of Portsmouth, daughter

May 19

Kelly Stanley and Isaac Belt of Waverly, daughter

Leah Evans and Ricko Greene of Wheelersburg, daughter

April Neal and Redgie Arden of Portsmouth, son

May 20

Aaron and Emily Payne of Stout, son

Wesley and Natasha Bloomfield of Vanceburg (Ky), daughter

May 21

Hannah and Ryan Dingess of Franklin Furnace, daughter

Brittany and Errik Dummitt of Waverly, son

May 22

Carolyn Sarah Jo Dyer of Portsmouth, daughter

Nevaya Green and Daniel Hill of Wheelersburg, daughter

May 23

Keisha Dial of Lucasville, son

Pearley Siders and Lorenzo Johnson of Lucasville, son

May 24

Breanna Gee and Mark Payton of Wheelersburg, daughter

John Little and Lexi Dials of Bidwell, daughter

Tyler and Mariah Breech of Minford, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Freeman of West Union, son

May 25

Heather Rice of Portsmouth, son

Rachel and Dustin Stillwell of Lucasville, daughter

Courtney Howe and Dylan Howe of Jackson, son

May 26

Jodi Blevins of Franklin Furnace, daughter

Maggie Warner and Ryan Warner of Wheelersburg, daughter

May 27

Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson of Piketon, daughter