Threat of gun evacuates little league game

By Kevin Colley -

An altercation between two male juveniles — and the resulting threat of a gun — forced the evacuation of a little league contest and forced the softball teams at New Boston and Western High School to remain in their dugouts following a Division IV Sectional Semifinal contest on Monday evening as units from the New Boston and Portsmouth Police Departments responded to a scene at Millbrook Park.

According to New Boston Chief of Police Steve Goins, the two juveniles, who were each 16 years of age, got into a verbal exchange that eventually resulted in an altercation at the New Boston High School baseball field where a little league contest between New Boston and Portsmouth was going on.

As the altercation was going on, one of the 16-year old juveniles displayed a handgun around his waistband. At that point, both little league units ran off the field in the opposite direction of the fight, while the New Boston and Western softball units stayed in their respective dugouts at the far end of the park.

New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton, who was at Millbrook Park at the time and heard the yelling around the fight, grabbed the gun from the juvenile and subdued him until police arrived.

The juvenile was charged with aggravated menacing and inducing panic and was taken to a Lawrence County Juvenile Detention Center as a result of his actions. He was expected to appear in a courtroom for a hearing on Tuesday, according to Goins. The additional 16-year old juvenile was not arrested.

“The gun turned out to be a BB gun,” Goins said. “It wasn’t a real firearm.”

According to Goins, the pair had been involved in run-ins with each other prior to Monday’s altercation.

By Kevin Colley