New Boston updates ordinances

By Nikki Blankenship - [email protected]

The Village of New Boston is overhauling Village ordinances, many of which are laws that have been outdated for several years.

Mike Payton, Village councilman and chairman of the New Boston’s Laws and Claim Committee, explained that he has been on Council for close to 10 years and has never seen the ordinances reviewed fully. Though some change regularly, those that do not have gone overlooked.

Last year, New Boston found out that several ordinances would need immediate changes as a result of changes to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). The recent code cleanup project started as way of eliminating as many future issues as possible.

“This year we decided to get a head start by reviewing all Village ordinances, starting with Chapter 1,” Payton explained.

The Laws and Claims Committee is charged with the huge task of both reviewing and than making recommended changes to Council, who can decide to make the changes, amend the recommendations or reject them entirely. Recommended changes thus far have focused on ensuring the ordinances and ordinance language is accurate and up-to-date, reflecting current operations, hiring practices, pay, positions and needs. Some have even become obsolete.

“Right now, the goal is to go through the whole thing and make sure it is updated as much as we can. Then, the project will change a bit, and we will start reviewing it on a year-by-year basis,” Payton stated.

Though Payton says this is a project he would like to complete within the year, he is more focused on insuring the project is done correctly.

“Those are the laws of our village,” he stressed. “I would like to have it done that quickly, but I’m not sure that’s possible.”

Payton added that some of the ordinances are complicated and must comply with state and federal legislation, requiring some research. All changes must also be passed through Council only after three readings.

“It is important all changes go three readings so the public is aware of the changes and can provide input,” the Councilman explained. “I want it done right, and I want a quality product at the end.”

After Village ordinances have been reviewed, they will be posted online as a public resource on the Village’s website

Like New Boston, Portsmouth City Council has been working to update their codified ordinances, a process that has been ongoing since 2015.

By Nikki Blankenship

[email protected]

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1930.

Reach Nikki Blankenship at 740-353-3101 ext. 1930.