Water break stopped

When the water started gushing from the street on Glenwood Avenue Tuesday morning, it looked like it had the potential to be torrential. However, before long, Portsmouth Waterworks Pipeyard workers as well as employees of Distel Construction Company were on the scene and began to make fast work of the repair and cleanup.

“They have been working on the drain behind the building here, and it looks like maybe they hit a spot and it busted the line,” Rob Seaman, facilities director for South Central Ohio Educational Service Center (ESC), said. “But they’ve got it fixed quickly, so we’re going to be back in business in no time. Those guys are working really hard and we appreciate them.”

New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton explained the work that was being done on Glenwood.

“That’s Phase 4,” Hamilton said. “They’re putting in all new head wall and wing wall and all new pipes and new storm lines for the CSO (combined sewer overflow) problem.”

Within minutes, workers had opened a hole to gain access to the broken line and were in the process of making the repairs.