OCCRRA launches child care campaign

Staff Report

Many Ohio families find themselves caught in a bind when it comes to finding child care: they understand that quality care is important to the development of their children, but they also know that finding the right care for the needs of their family can be confusing and difficult.

Starting in March of 2017, the Ohio Child Care Resource & Referral Association (OCCRRA) is launching the “Child Care Solutions” campaign to let parents in Ohio know that wherever they live, there are experts available who will help them, free of charge, find the right care for them. Financial resources are available as well.

“We know from research that quality child care puts children on the right path and has benefits throughout their life,” said Todd Barnhouse, CEO of OCCRRA. “That’s why our campaign theme is ‘Your Choice. Their Future.’ Our goal is to make sure parents know that help is available when making this important but often perplexing decision.”

OCCRRA is a statewide organization that offers childcare experts with knowledge of every county in Ohio. Caregivers log on to Ohiochildcarefinder.org to begin their search. From there, they answer some simple questions about their needs and they receive a list of matching providers along with a phone number in their region to call for guidance and advice.

“We don’t tell parents what services to choose and we don’t steer them in a specific direction,” Barnhouse said. “We work with them to understand their unique needs—location, cost, what shift they work, whatever it might be—and then educate them on what to look for and how to evaluate child care providers. The choice is always left up to the parent.”

In addition to the media coverage, the Ohio Child Care Solutions campaign will include radio and digital advertising to help make parents more aware that help is available.

Beyond advice on seeking child care, OCCRRA’s experts offer extensive resources to help parents learn more about how Ohio’s “Step Up to Quality Program” as well as about child development.

“We help families to make informed choices and feel empowered to take control of this important part of their lives,” Barnhouse concluded. “Our free referral services are the key to making that happen.”

Staff Report