The groundhog was wrong

By Frank Lewis -

In the early pre-dawn hours Saturday, I sat quietly on my deck, reading “Angels” by Dr. David Jeremiah, by way of my headlamp, and enjoying that place the first time since Terry Sullivan put on my new deck roof. I was amazed at the noise of the birds and the jostling of the windchimes Joyce loves so much.

“Spring is here,” I said under my breath. I know it’s not supposed to be, but it is and I’m going to enjoy it. I sipped a cup of hot cider and asked myself if anything could be better, and for the moment, my answer was “no.”

I hooked up my garden hose and voila! water came out. I washed both cars, did some puttering in my shed and breathed the fresh air. What a day.

I know what the groundhog told us, but I have to declare to you today, the groundhog was wrong. Spring is here.

Now, to be sure we will have some colder days and yes, I expect some snow, but I believe winter has turned and we can welcome spring. Fall used to be my favorite time of year, but because of age, I find it more difficult to sit through a high school football game without getting a little cold. So now spring is my new favorite season, and I watched it arrive Saturday morning on my deck.

You may be like me and feel like you just put your lawn mower away for the winter, but I believe within two weeks I will be dragging it out again, and the chore starts all over again. Short sleeve shirt, shorts, a straw hat and cheap shades. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I love spring because it is the type and shadow of salvation. It says – “yes, you can start fresh.” It says – “you are a new creation.” I am a firm believer in second chances and new beginnings, God knows I have needed my share and still do.

You can see the sprouts peeking out of the ground, and hear the birds, who, by the way, are much smarter than groundhogs. You realize the air is fresh and you have to breathe a lot harder to see your breath in the early morning hours.

I want to officially welcome spring and urge you to take the opportunity to become more tolerant of people you disagree with and love more than you ever have before, and not just the loveable. Take this new beginning opportunity to love the unloveable. After all, you may be unloveable to someone else. You can officially begin anew and what could be better than that?

By Frank Lewis

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-370-0711

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-370-0711