Five inducted into the Shrine Honor Foundation

Staff report

Michael Osborne, past president and Mile Craigmiles, 2017 president, inducted five Nobles into the Shrine Honor Foundation for their outstanding service to the club and the Shrine Center Temples of Cincinnati, Ohio and Ashland, Kentucky.

The Shrine Club inducted Nelson Bush, James Elliott, Don Adams, Al Banister and John Locher for their outstanding contributions to the Shrine Centers and the Southern Ohio Shrine Club over the past three decades, into the Historic Shrine Honor Foundation during the installation of officers dinner of Jan. 17, 2017.

“All five inductees have contributed many hours, energy and service to the building of our Shrine organization and the Children’s hospitals for the orthopedic and burned children from our area. They have contributed to the growth of the Shrine Club and Children’s Shrine Hospital’s,” President Mike Craigmiles said.

The Historical Honor Foundation was established to honor those individual Nobles that have contributed to the growth and success of the Portsmouth Southern Ohio Shrine Club since it was established in October of 1947 by Syrian Shrine Temple of Cincinnati.

The Honor Foundation has inducted only 12 individuals into the foundation, making this honor very selective and a special honor to Shriners. Other members inducted into the foundation are: William M. Reffitt PP, Ron Le Master PP, Hank Hankinson, Roger Allen, John Stevens, Dr. William Wolery and Cliff Fullman PP.

The Honor Foundation accepts donations from individuals and the business comunity toward the continued support of hospitals for children and the support of the Masonic Shrine.

Donations were accepted to the Shriner Honor Foundation along with additional pledges that evening.

Staff report