Fluor BWXT grant helps Taylor Lumber

In January, Fluor-BWXT presented a $25,000 grant from the Fluor-BWXT Community Commitment Fund to Taylor Lumber Worldwide on OH-73 in McDermott.

The grant was used to help purchase laser scanning equipment that provides faster and more accurate measurements of cut raw wood ready for shipment to Taylor Lumber customers. The addition is part of numerous other improvements to the 100-year-old lumber company, which has grown from 172 to 210 employees in the past year.

The 68-acre lumber company supplies dried lumber and dimensional wood products like wood trim and high-quality hardwood flooring made out of white oak, red oak, hickory and walnut to customers in the contiguous 48 states as well as some international customers.

“We process about 1.3 million linear feet of lumber per month,” Taylor Lumber Vice President of Operations Art Robbins said. “Together with Ohio Valley Veneer and Ohio Valley Stave we provide a wide array of wood products in growing consumer and commercial markets. That’s why our business and employment numbers continue to grow in Scioto and Pike counties.”

Ohio Valley Veneer owner Ed Robbins took over the Taylor Lumber yard in 2013. In addition to growing their workforce under the direction of Robbins Taylor Lumber has added new equipment, including three new saws, warehousing and new finished product lines including engineered flooring to their list of quality commercial and residential offerings.

“Through the Fluor-BWXT Community Commitment Fund we’ve invested more than $3.6 million into business opportunity grants as well as education and community focused programs,” said Tim Poe, Fluor-BWXT Nuclear Operations director and Commitment Plan Steering Committee chair. “Our goal is to create good jobs and find these good news stories like you have here with Taylor Lumber.”

In partnership with the local communities and their economic development directors, Fluor-BWXT supports grant requests from Pike, Ross, Scioto and Jackson counties looking to grow their businesses and add quality jobs to this region. Each year Fluor-BWXT invests more than $500,000 locally through grants and related business support.

According to the Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio (JEDISO) Fluor-BWXT grants totaling $881,000 have led to $5.5M in matching funds that in turn generated $186M in local investment. The results are more than 830 jobs created with more than 5,000 jobs retained across the region.

Jason Kester, executive director with the Southern Ohio Port Authority and JEDISO member said, “The power of an even modest investment can really be leveraged when you identify additional dollars that might be available through the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG) along with other state and federal programs. By having our local economic development agencies working together we really open the door for more and sustainable economic growth in our community.”