Rio Respiratory Therapy Program Receives National Ranking

Staff Report

The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College School of Health and Behavioral Sciences program has received another national recognition for excellence in education. In a recent national ranking, the Community for Accredited Online Schools selected Rio’s Respiratory Care Therapy Program as eighth among top programs in its category. The organization chose the program due to its intensive, two-year program and a combination of practical lab work, classroom instruction, and hands-on, clinical opportunities. Director for the Respiratory Therapy program, John Payne said he was thrilled to learn about the ranking.

“I was really elated with the results. This wasn’t something we applied for, but I’m not surprised by how well we ranked,” Payne said. “It’s truly a testament to what we have been doing for our students for the past several years and a tribute to the dedication our faculty, administration and allied organizations have in making these opportunities possible. Buckeye Hills Career Center has been an essential collaborator for this program.”

Dean of the College of Professional and Technical Studies, Dr. Donna Mitchell said she is very pleased to see the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences continue receiving national praise.

“Having our Respiratory Therapy program recognized on a national level is quite an honor. To learn about the new ranking shows how dedicated all of the faculty and staff are to running successful programs,” Mitchell said.

The Community for Accredited Online Schools provides prospective students with data about accredited programs across the country to help choose the best options for their degree paths.

Co-Chair for the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Vickie Crabtree said the Respiratory Therapy program prepares students to go above and beyond to provide the best healthcare to patients.

“This is a great accomplishment for our School of Health and Behavioral Sciences. Our faculty works to provide a quality education that will prepare students for the workforce,” Crabtree said. “We are committed to helping our students become the best caregivers they can be to continue serving our communities’ healthcare needs.”

Staff Report