Elderly woman may have power turned off

By Frank Lewis - flewis@civitasmedia.com

Ramona Allen is 85 and lives on a farm in Minford, and unless someone steps in, her power is scheduled to be turned off Thursday. According to her daughter Bobbie Caudill, AEP is telling her she owes $2,178.83 to both AEP and a company called Constellation.

Caudill said over a year ago, AEP subcontracted a job to go out and upgrade meter boxes on the houses in that area. Allen lives in a 2,500 square foot house and her grandson, Henry Allen lives in a 400 square foot apartment on the same property. Caudill said her mother got a $55 electric bill, while Henry got a $400 bill. That’s when they knew the meters were installed in the wrong places. Eventually, after contacting the Utility Commission, the meters were switched back.

Caudill explained that AEP owns the lines and her mother’s supplier is Constellation Energy and whatever bill came from the company, Allen paid. Over this past year, Allen has paid $141.41, $258.06, $198.14, $100.60, $67.79, $63.25, $68.31, 69.19, $74.49, $59.32 to AEP.

“All of that money went to AEP. Constellation didn’t get any money. They said we didn’t owe anything. A year later, in October, she gets a bill for $2,178.83, but when you call AEP all they’re showing is $2,178.83. They’re wanting her to pay that, but that’s not their bill. So Constellation is the one that I’m working with at $2,178.83, But because it shows that on her account, the two places both want money and (say) she needs to be put on a payment plan.”

Caudill has sought help on a lot of levels.

“I called Terry Johnson. I also called Marty Donini because they’re going to shut off her electric tomorrow (Thursday),” Caudill said. “I called Marty because they’re going to send the sheriff’s department out with AEP to disconnect her.”

She said Donini said he was going to talk with Scioto County Prosecutor Mark Kuhn about it, but does not know the outcome of that conversation.

“They legally cannot do this according to the law,” Caudill said. “Constellation has told me that. AEP has told me that, but they are going to send a sheriff out tomorrow to disconnect her.”

Caudill said he has become frustrated with the process.

“Neither power company can talk to each other,” Caudill said. “Constellation wants $2,178.83 and AEP also wants $2,178.83 and had been paid $4,357.66.”

Caudill said through the course of the year Constellation sent a bill, but the bill said they didn’t owe anything.

Caudill said AEP, who sends out the bills, says she owes that amount to both companies, but Caudill is of the impression that, if anyone is due money it should be Constellation.

The Daily Times attempted to contact an official at AEP and left a voicemail message, but had not received a call back by 4 p.m. Wednesday.

By Frank Lewis


Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.