SOSF takes the county by storm

By Portia Williams -

WHEELERSBURG — Two Scioto County entrepreneurs, Brooks Snyder and Drew Rucker, have created Southern Ohio Sauce Factory, (SOSF), their own original Carolina Mustard Sauce and are elated about sharing their new product with the community.

Rucker is owner of Shorty’s Barber Shop in New Boston and said the idea to create SOSF came from Snyder during the course of their food-smoking gatherings.

“Basically, we just started smoking food and it was Brook’s idea. He made the comment that he wanted to come up with his own barbecue sauce, so we just kind of went from there,” Rucker said. “We started mixes sauces, and I went on vacation and tasted the Carolina Mustard down in the Carolinas, and I told my wife that I could come up with that. So we came home and got together in our kitchen, trying to come up with the right recipe. So that is how we got started. I’ve had people to tell me that they’ve tried to find a Carolina mustard up here in stores, and can’t find it. I’ve actually had a guy to come in at one time, and said, ‘Drew we need somebody from around here to make a Carolina sauce, or a Carolina mustard.’”

Rucker resides in Wheelersburg with his family, wife Starla, daughter Reagan, and son, Jackson.

“We definitely could not have done this without our families. They are our guinea pigs, and try everything out first,” Rucker said.

Snyder is owner of Snyder Printing in Portsmouth. His wife Renee, son Randy, and son Ian have also been a tremendous help with SOSF. The SOSF Sauce has been in the making since Aug. of 2016, according to Snyder. The men eventually introduced to Sam Peters of Patter Fam Sauces/Foods in Wheelersburg, who was a tremendous help.

“We started back in early August of last year, and started really getting things moving in September of last year,” Snyder said. “My family helps out a lot. We will make some sauce, and get them to try it. They serve as our guinea pigs as well. If our families didn’t support it, then we wouldn’t be doing it. Once we moved from the part of the process, we started looking for a bottling company that would bottle it for us. I looked on the internet, and I believe it was Fred Adkins from Fred’s, got us connected with Patter Fams in Wheelersburg. Me and Drew made a visit out to Sam’s and talked with him about what we were doing, and he gave us some pointers on what to do and what not to do, and some really good advice.”

Contrary to what many believe, SOSF does not produce their product at home in their own kitchen, according to Rucker.

“Patter Fams actually has our sauce and makes it in the factory, so we don’t have anything to do with the making of the sauce,” Rucker said. “He (Patter Fams) makes it, bottles it, and we put it out. A lot of people ask us about how it is made. They think that the sauces is actually made in our kitchen, but it isn’t. It is all done on a very professional level. Initially, we do all of the tasting and getting it together in our kitchen, but after that Patter Fams takes it over from there.”

Maintaining a strong local presence, and distributing their sauce throughout Scioto is the goal, as well as offering a variety of different flavors as their business expands.

“Our goal is to keep everything local, everything within Scioto County,” Snyder said. “Sam told us that when we came up with a name to have a story behind it, which most people know that Drew and I are from Southern Ohio. First we were going to use the name, Ohio Sauce, but legally we couldn’t use it because somebody else is already utilizing that. We started bouncing some names off, and so that is what we came up with. What we try to do is be a little bit different from everyone else. Our goal in 2017 is to have all of the sauces that you can’t find much up here in the northern states, such as an Alabama sauce, which is a white sauce and we’re going to try to come up with that in the next couple of months,” Snyder said. “So we will continue to work at coming up with different sauces as time allows. Hopefully, within one year we will shoot for three or four sauces, just some different ones other than the usual.”

The response to Southern Ohio Sauce Factory sauce has been incredible, according to Rucker.

“We’ve had a really good response on our Facebook page,” Rucker said. “We’ve had a lot of people to comment on how they’ve eaten our sauce on certain foods, and they love it. Some guys told us how they put the sauce on deviled eggs, and was out of this world.”

At Christmas time, both the Snyder and Rucker families said they enjoyed their new sauce on their hams, and found it to be extremely tasty.

“Drew sold a bottle of the sauce to one of his friends that owns a business up in Pedro, Ohio, and his wife became addicted to it,” Snyder said.

SOSF us also a part of ‘Ohio Proud,’ which Rucker anticipates will be advantageous.

“Another good thing about this new venture, is we are a part of ‘Ohio Proud,’ and the logo is on our bottle. Being a part of Ohio Proud will help us a great deal, because it allows us to be a part of statewide events and do some networking,” Rucker said.

Who knows the heights that SOSF will soar to. Snyder said they will just follow God’s lead.

“Right now were just doing this as a hobby. We will see where God leads us from here,” Snyder said.

The Southern Ohio Sauce Factory Carolina Sauce is sold for $6 per bottle. The Low Country Gold is sold at three locations, Snyder Printing, 1552 Gallia Street in Portsmouth, Shorty’s Barber Shop, 1506 Harrison Avenue in New Boston, and Phillips Grocery and Sporting Goods 16117 OH-93, in Pedro, Ohio. Williams | Daily Times Photo Photo

By Portia Williams

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.