Swick Bussa Chamberlin closes

By Frank Lewis - [email protected]

Swick Bussa Chamberling Funeral Home

Swick Bussa Chamberling Funeral Home

A long time Scioto County funeral home has closed its doors. The Daily Times was notified on Friday at the Swick Bussa Chamberlin Funeral Home at 11901 Gallia Pike in Wheelersburg has officially closed.

On Monday the Times tried to contact company officials by phone, but the number had been disconnected. Bill Nelson and David Swick of the Wolfe-Nelson Funeral Home in Sciotoville and D.W. Swick-Nelson Funeral Homes in New Boston and South Webster, Ohio, were contacted and asked about the status of Swick Bussa Chamberlin.

“We started getting calls because they have to send out letters to their pre-arrangements to have them transferred to other funeral homes,” Nelson said. “We’ve already had half-a-dozen people call us to ask about it.”

Swick explained what to do with the letter.

“All they have to do on that letter is put the name of the funeral home that they want that pre-need transferred to, sign it, and mail it back into the post office box. There’s an envelope with it,” Swick said. “That’s all they really have to do. Since this is such a different situation, a lot of people want to talk with someone.”

Nelson said all pre-need customers of the Swick Bussa Chamberlin Funeral Home have to transfer their accounts to other funeral homes.

“Pre-needs have to have letters sent out to family members or the people who own them, saying, please sign this and state the funeral home you want your pre-needs to be transferred to,” Nelson said. “Then the files will be sent to those funeral homes and then we can contact them and say we’ll honor that.”

Swick said he has not been associated with Swick Bussa Chamberlin for 10 years even though his name has remained on the business.

“My name’s on there, but I have not had anything to do with that business for several years,” Swick said. “A lot of people are looking in the phone book for the Swick funeral home and they’re calling us, which is good because we can assure them that everything’s going to be alright. We know their concern and a lot of families are just transferring them to the Wolfe-Nelson or Swick Funeral Homes, knowing that we have told them that we are hopefully going to buy that facility and reopen that funeral home.”

Swick said he has made attempts to get that done for quite some time without success.

“We’ve put this offer out months ago to try to keep this from happening,” Swick said. “But Bussa would not talk to us or even consider anything, which would have been much easier than it closing down. So we are in discussions with the bank and everything now, but now it has to go through the process now that they closed it up and it is in foreclosure. We are working with the bank hoping to buy it and open it back up, then the people can just use that funeral home for their pre-arrangements. If they’ve switched it to New Boston or Sciotoville, it can be left there or it can go back to Wheelersburg where they originally wanted to be.”

Swick said people do not need to be concerned if they have pre-arrangements with Swick Bussa Chamberlin, because Swick, Wolfe-Nelson and other funeral homes can help them straighten out their dilemma.

“I’m still around. Bill’s just down the road too,” Swick said. “We want people to know we’re still there even though that location has closed. We’re here to try to help them relieve this burden that I know a lot of them really have.”

Nelson said anyone with questions can call the funeral home of their next choice for answers if they want them to handle their funeral arrangements.

Swick Bussa Chamberling Funeral Home
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By Frank Lewis

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Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.