New FBO for airport announced

By Wayne Allen - [email protected]

It was recently announced that a new Fixed Base Operator (FBO) would be taking over at the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport in Minford.

Manager of the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport Phil LaJoye said the Scioto County Commissioners have been working on plans to build up the infrastructure around the airport in anticipation of the completion of the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway, in 2018.

The commissioners along with a number of other organizations have been planning projects aimed boosting the Minford area in anticipation of economic growth associated with the completion of the new highway.

“We believe this airport will be the hub of Scioto County. The commissioners are aware of the part the airport can play in industrial growth,” LaJoye said. “We’ve made some positive changes (at the airport) recently and moving forward we’re going to work really hard to make this successful.”

Jeff Carr of PMH Aviation said, he along with others involved with PMH Aviation have a vision for the future and what they hope to offer those using the airport.

He then shared some of the services PMH Aviation intends to offer at the airport.

According to released information, PMH will be offering a full line of aircraft and will be offering crew amenities including flight crew services, flight training and aircraft services.

When it comes to flight training PMH will be offering aircraft rental, ground on instruction, training supplies, on site testing and many other things. The aircraft services offered include; on-duty mechanic, fill service maintenance shop, major and minor aircraft repairs and many more things.

“I started taking flight lessons here when I first got out of the service that was back in (19)72, that’s been a whole lot of years ago. I’ve always been interested in aviation and we’ve always been supportive of the airport,” said Mike Crabtree, Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners.

Scioto County Commissioner Cathy Coleman said what’s she’s been able to learn about airport, makes her excited for the future of it.

“There’s a bright future for the airport. The Scioto County Commissioners are excited about the possibilities that surround the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport,” Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis said.

Davis said he along with the other commissioners are excited about the new FBO. Davis announced the county will be spending nearly $200,000 on a project aimed at enhancing the infrastructure in the area of the airport, with an eye towards future development.

Davis hinted at plans being developed for future projects in the Minford area to enhance infrastructure.

For more information about PMH Aviation visit them at or call 740-820-2300.

By Wayne Allen

[email protected]

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101 ext. 1933 or @WayneallenPDT on Twitter

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101 ext. 1933 or @WayneallenPDT on Twitter