Opperman and LeBrun seek to be engineer

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The voters of Scioto County will be asked on election day to choose between Craig Opperman and Darren LeBrun for Scioto County Engineer. Both candidates have been on the campaign trail, working to inform voters on why they would be best choice for the job

Opperman is the current Scioto County Engineer and is seeking reelection. Opperman is asking voters to look at what he’s been able to accomplish over the last eight years, to see how far the county has come.

Opperman was asked by the Daily Times why he’s seeking reelection, he said, “I’m seeking reelection because we’re not done.”

He said the office has worked to raise the infrastructure of the county.

“One of the main things we’ve been working towards is to address issues in every community and work to improve our roadway and bridge infrastructure for economic development. If we don’t provide good roads or bridges for businesses

to be attracted here or to transport goods, where would we be,” Opperman said. “Our goal is to get our roads as good

as they can possibly be with the limited funding and help spur economic development through that.”

LeBrun said if elected, his department would focus on economic development.

“I am old enough to remember when the steel mill was in operation and what its shutdown has done to our community. I will direct my staff to be development friendly with an attitude to get things done,” LeBrun said. “The only way to reverse the effect of the mill shutdown is for local officials to work smart and work together in order to create a business friendly environment. We will do this by treating our local developers with fairness, create a long term infrastructure installation plan that includes economic development as a major component, and support local economic development agencies with technical advice.”

A point of pride of Opperman is the fact that his office has been able to obtain millions of grant dollars to complete projects.

“We’ve been able to bring in millions and millions of dollars in grant funding. We’ve had 50 successful grant applications throughout the past eight years,” Opperman said.

He said through grant funds 80 percent of the county roads have been repaved. In total, there are 415 miles of county roads.

“To be able to resurface those in eight years with declining or stagnate budgets, it’s something our office is proud of,” Opperman said.

Opperman said he and his crews have also replaced 100 bridges over the last eight years.

“We’re not only trying to catch up and also get ahead so our infrastructure is in a good shape, so we can make improvements to other county road systems,” Opperman said.

LeBrun said his project experience includes, designing roads and bridges to managing million dollar manufacturing projects in the nuclear industry. LeBrun said he has 20 years of professional experience in the public and private sectors.

“This experience has given me the ability to work with others in order to get things accomplished. When elected I will bring this real world know how and attitude to the engineer’s department,” LeBrun said.

Opperman said since becoming county engineer, his department has implemented a number of programs since 2008 1,500 projects have been completed.

Opperman said he and his department has helped other local communities with projects and advice. His office has helped the city of Portsmouth and the village of New Boston with road salt, when their trucks have broken down.

He’s kept a lot of engineering work within the department, to help save on project costs.

Opperman said he’s worked with multiple communities on the implementation of the Geographic Information System (GIS) system along with a number of other projects.

For more information about the office of Craig Opperman and the Scioto County Engineer visit www.sciotocountyengineer. org.

For more information about Darren LaBrun for Scioto County Engineer visit them the campaign on Facebook.



By Wayne Allen

[email protected] civitasmedia.com