Republicans react to Trump tape

Scioto County party leaders and U.S. reps speak up

By Frank Lewis - [email protected]

It is obvious when someone running for president is caught on tape making extremely lewd remarks that the opposing party will capitalize on it, but what about that candidate’s own party? A chink in the national Republican armor was noticeable this week when top party leaders such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan chose not to campaign for his party’s own candidate, Donald Trump, because of a tape recording made in 2005, in which he made vulgar remarks about women. So how is that playing with local party leaders and regional representatives in the Washington delegation?

The Daily Times contacted Scioto County Republican Party Co-chair Bryan Davis for the response from the local party on that very issue. Davis, speaking from the standpoint of the local Republican Party, said he conferred with the party co-chairperson – Kay Reynolds.

“The position of the party is – No. 1 – that we do not condone or try to defend his (Trump) words. What he said was wrong and that women should always be respected,” Davis said, on behalf of the party. “With that said, this tape was 11 years old between two adult men, basically his defense is that he is sorry. He apologizes that it hurt people’s feelings. He apologizes that there are those that feel bad about it and they were not good words to use.”

Davis said, because of Trumps reaction, the party has to accept his apology, based on what the party perceives as a sincere apology.

“That’s not who he is now,” Davis said. “He has said that he is not that same man today. There’s proof of that – the fact that he hires women, respects women, has had many women come out in his defense and also singing his praises as far as his role as a boss in addition to his own family. Ivanka (Trump’s daughter) has recently come out with a statement about it.”

Davis said people should read Trump’s platform on his website.

“I just saw the other day about the proposal he had about maternity leave, to extend it, which I’m 100 percent behind. I think women need more time for their children and that’s something he has proposed,” Davis said. “I think there is that he has supported women. Yes, his words were poorly chosen, but that’s not who he is, and he has made that comment and he has said he is sorry for his comment.”

Davis made it official when he said – “As far as the county (Republican Party) goes, the county stands behind him. The party does stand behind him as the nominee. The people of Scioto County spoke and overwhelmingly nominated him as the nominee in Scioto County.”

Second District Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-2) issued the following statement.

“I found Donald Trump’s private comments to be disgusting and revolting. I’m raising my two-year-old son to be a gentleman who respects women. This was a horrible example. Jesus spoke to those who were ready to ‘cast the first stone’. What if Jesus got down in the sand and began writing before each of these two presidential candidates?”

Wenstrup said he has been asked by some in the media if he will withdraw his support for the Republican nominee – “yet no one in the media asked my Democratic colleagues if they would withdraw their support for the candidate who defended the degrading actions of her husband, destroyed evidence after being subpoenaed, lied about destruction of official e-mails, lied about – and is unable to recognize – classified or top secret material, called fellow Americans ‘deplorable’ and ‘irredeemable,’ and lied about the events in Benghazi – even to the mother of one of the slain American heroes.”

Wenstrup went on to say actions speak louder than words, and that this election is about the future of the nation.

“The Supreme Court matters. Our national defense matters. Honesty matters. Trust matters. Following the Constitution matters. American lives matter,” Wenstrup said.

The other U.S. Representative who represents Scioto County residents is Sixth District Representative Bill Johnson.

“In my view, Hillary Clinton’s actions fundamentally disqualify her from being our Commander-In-Chief. I am a husband, father of two daughters, and I have four granddaughters. And, while I find Donald Trump’s locker room comments from ten years ago offensive, indefensible and regrettable, they don’t change the fact that Hillary Clinton has proven she’ll put personal politics over our national security,” Johnson said. “At this point, I will continue to support the top of our Republican ticket, and I continue to admire and support Speaker Ryan’s leadership in a very challenging time.”

Scioto County party leaders and U.S. reps speak up

By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.