Libertarian Party to hold meeting Saturday

By Michael Hamilton [email protected]

With the 2016 Presidential race in full swing, the Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) and local Libertarian support group, Southeast Ohio for Johnson/Weld, have announced a special meeting Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016. The meeting will take place at Port City Cafe and Pub in Portsmouth, Ohio and will feature appearances from several Libertarian Party leaders, including LPO State Chair, Bob Bridges and State Campaign Manager, Ryan Holstine.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and is scheduled to conclude at about 9 p.m.

“This a gathering of volunteers and supporters to show the rest of our community that we are there in numbers and that the (Libertarian) cause is a cause to be taken seriously,” Southeast Ohio for Johnson/Weld Coordinator, Mark Jenkins said.

The event is open to all, especially area libertarians and those curious about the Libertarian Party’s Presidential ticket of former governors Gary Johnson and William “Bill” Weld.

“Our goals are to inform many locals who may not know about Gary Johnson, of who he is and what he believes,” Jenkins said. “We want to educate the public as to who he (Johnson) is, as well as seek out other volunteers for the campaign.”

The LPO State Chair, Bob Bridges will be speaking at the event, as will Johnson/Weld State Campaign Manager, Ryan Holstine.

“They will be there to talk about the party as a whole, along with talking about Gary (Johnson) and Bill (Weld),” Jenkins said. “Bob was leading a lot of the grassroots efforts in Ohio and worked to petition to get Johnson on the ballot in Ohio.”

Johnson and Weld are both former two-term governors. Johnson was elected Governor of Arizona in 1994 and then was re-elected in 1998, gathering nearly 55 percent of the vote in his re-election bid. Weld was first elected Governor of Massachusetts in 1990 and followed up with a landslide re-election victory in 1994, earning over 70 percent of the vote.

Weld is also a former United States Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, serving from 1986-88 in President Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Both Johnson and Weld are former Republicans, but have since switched parties.

“Johnson will be the only ‘third-party’ candidate on the ballot in all 50 states for the 2016 election,” Jenkins said. “(Evan) McMullin won’t. (Darrell) Castle won’t. (Jill) Stein won’t.”

Jenkins said there will be a lot of informational pamphlets available on the Johnson and Weld campaign, including yard signs and some t-shirts for supporters.

“We will have plenty of swag for supporters on-hand at the event,” Jenkins added with a smile.

Port City Cafe and Pub is located a 424 Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth, Ohio.

By Michael Hamilton [email protected]

Reach Michael Hamilton at 740-353-3101, ext. 1931, or on Twitter @MikeHamilton82.

Reach Michael Hamilton at 740-353-3101, ext. 1931, or on Twitter @MikeHamilton82.