Kegley coming to Welcome Center

By Portia Williams - [email protected]

Sam Kegley, author of and Portsmouth native will conduct a book signing for his latest book entitled, ‘Admirable People,’ at the Welcome Center, 342 Second Street in Portsmouth on Oct. 12, at 11a.m.

Lisa Carver, executive director of the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce said they are delighted to have Kegley at the Welcome Center.

“We were approached by Sam Kegley who has written several books which include several prominent people from the our area,” Carver said. “The books are not particularly about Portsmouth, but do include many from the area. He is going to give us the books, and he’d like to do a signing here in the Welcome Center’s gift shop in October. We are excited about it, and look forward to having him here.”

Kegley has an affinity for writing positive information about accomplishments of Portsmouth natives.

“I am a native of Portsmouth, but have been living in Westerville, Ohio here in the Columbus area for the last 49 years. After I retired I started writing. In the 11 books that I have written I have interviewed over 300 people, and about 130 or so of them are from Portsmouth. Each one of these people were outstanding, and I was so happy that they granted me the privilege to interview them.”

He travels down to Portsmouth on a monthly basis to meet with the ‘Portsmouth Breakfast Group.’

“We have a Portsmouth group that meets there in Portsmouth once a month, and we call it the Portsmouth Breakfast Group. It is just some Portsmouth people that like to get together, so we get together and talk. I recently got a call from Dr. Tom Williams, and Dr. Williams was featured in my ‘Admirable People’ book, and I interviewed him, and a man name Paul Ryan who I interviewed for the last book,” Kegley said. “Paul earned some of the highest awards in engineering from Ohio State University, and while he was still at Ohio State started a business. These individuals, Dr. Williams, and Paul Ryan are from Portsmouth. Also, there is Tom Quinn who graduated from Portsmouth High School in 1953, and then he went on to play for Ohio State, and he meets with us regularly. Paul Ryan has met with us only once, but he is a very wealthy gentlemen, and still operates his companies, and is a very successful investor now. He (Ryan) is a great gentlemen, and has a great love for Portsmouth, Ohio as we all do.”

Portsmouth natives Al Oliver and Larry Hisle are also among those who Kegley has interviewed.

“As it relates to excellence in athletics in the Portsmouth area, I have interviewed a lot of people like Al Oliver who is one,” Kegley said. “I have also talked to Larry Hisle several times, and he lives in Milwaukee still. He was going to call me recently, but was away with his family and is very busy helping people in the Milwaukee area and is a great benefactor to the people in that area.”

He endeavors to do a better job at marketing his books, and sharing his writings, especially to the people of Portsmouth.

“As a self-publisher, I haven’t done a good job in marketing my books, and that is my fault,” Kegley said. “As a self-publisher it is not always easy to get people to buy your books, so that something that I will be worker harder at in the near future. I want the people, especially in the Portsmouth area to read my books, and I will be bringing my inventor down when I visit next month.”

Kegley said his books are reasonably priced between $10-$20 each. He said he is looking forward to the book signing event on Oct. 12, and connecting with the people of the local area.

For more information regarding books published by Kegley, visit the website: or email to: [email protected]

By Portia Williams

[email protected]

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.