Quinones to speak in South Shore

By Portia Williams - [email protected]

SOUTH SHORE, Ky. — Recovery Works, located at 4632 State Rd., 1043 in South Shore will welcome national speaker and author of ‘Dreamland’ Sam Quinones on Oct. 3, 2016, from 4 to 6p.m.

Recovery Works is the original home of Dr. David Proctor who was arrested for his role in the opiate epidemic through prescription of medication across Ohio and Kentucky.

Joe Pritchard, chief executive Officer of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, who oversee the operations of Recovery Works, said they are continuing to use their facility as a source of healing.

“We are pleased to have opened our Recovery Works location in Dr. Proctor’s home. We have turned a location built on drug money to one that heals individuals,” Pritchard said.

Quinones book in known to have accurately chronicled the history of the region through is intense research and specifically highlights Portsmouth.

“I wrote a book about it. It is a nation wide story, and it affects small towns, like Portsmouth and South Shore and also in much bigger areas,” Quinones said. “Dreamland is about how it all got started, and how it has spread from coast to coast. It just like it was a story that hadn’t been told, in how we got started in all of this, and how it got to this point. So, I think that it is a very important thing to talk about, most people would avoid the topic for many, many years and now that’s changing, and that’s good.”

Quinones will be traveling from Los Angeles, Calif., and said he is looking forward to his visit to South Shore.

“I always looking forward to coming to that area. I have visited there about eight or 10 times, speaking, and sharing my book in different places in that area,” Quinones said. “I find that the folks there are very warm and hospitable and of course the topic is an important one for the area.”

With a great reporter’s narrative skill and the storytelling ability of a novelist, acclaimed journalist Sam Quinones weaves together two classic tales of capitalism run amok whose unintentional collision has been catastrophic. The unfettered prescribing of pain medications during the 1990s reached its peak in Purdue Pharma’s campaign to market OxyContin, its new, expensive—extremely addictive—miracle painkiller, according to Amazon.com. Meanwhile, a massive influx of black tar heroin—cheap, potent, and originating from one small county on Mexico’s west coast, independent of any drug cartel—assaulted small town and mid-sized cities across the country, driven by a brilliant, almost unbeatable marketing and distribution system. Together these phenomena continue to lay waste to communities from Tennessee to Oregon, Indiana to New Mexico.

Quinones will speak and will entertainment questions immediately following his presentation. Additionally, Quinones will be joined from key officials who work daily to eradicate the challenges that confront the region. His appearance is sponsored by Recovery Works of South Shore and by invitation.

By Portia Williams

[email protected]

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.

Reach Portia Williams at 740-464-3862, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.