School year off to a steady start

By Ciara Conley - [email protected]

Parents are rejoicing, as children all over the county shuffled off for a new school year. Teachers have been working to prepare their classrooms and lesson-plans in preparation for their new flock of students, and the students get ready for new challenges in the year to come.

The Daily Times checked in with some districts who resumed school this week, to see how things are going.

“Our building has run very smoothly. We met with our teachers last Thursday — including open house, then on Friday had teacher in-service day,” explained South Webster Elementary School Principal, Sandy Smith. “Our teachers have spent countless hours planning and preparing classrooms prior to school starting. Our excellent secretaries have everything ready, so the transition to the first day of school has been very smooth so far. Our kids are glad to be back and our staff is ready. Our goal is to have all our kids learning the the highest levels possible.”

There are still a few schools waiting to open their doors to students, including the Vern Riffe School, which resumes Aug. 29, Sciotoville Community School (East) on Aug. 30 and the Southern Ohio Academy will resume Sept. 6.

Here are some tips from the Ohio Department of Education to help aide in the transition from summer to school, as the new excitement wears off.

  • Have a positive attitude toward learning. Encourage your child to do well and expect the best.
  • Support the school. Make a commitment to have one parent-teacher conference in person every month. Write, text, or e-mail your child’s teacher, and comment on specific classroom activities. Volunteer your time or resources to help at school.
  • Be prepared. Make it easy for your child to handle all of the “nuts and bolts” of getting ready for school each day. Have adequate school supplies on hand, and buy items ahead of time for future use. Prepay for school lunches whenever possible. Select an outfit for each day at the beginning of the week and keep “school clothes” apart from casual clothes. Establish a drop-off spot for books, backpacks, lunch boxes, and so on.
  • Have routines. Set up a daily schedule for routines of bathing, eating, dressing, homework, and play time. Keep distractions to a minimum, and regulate and limit telephone, television, radio, and computer time.
  • Schedule learning time. Set aside a minimum of 30 minutes each day for educational activities, including assigned homework or practice skills that the teacher has sent home.

The Ohio Department of Education also encourages parents to subscribe to Ohio’s new parent texting service. The service now gives parents another way to be in the know about education news.

Go to the department’s website at and enter the words text alerts in the search box. This will take you to a Web page where you can can sign up to receive periodic texts on topics you choose. They include ideas for families with elementary, middle or high school students; information on school choice scholarships; facts on how your child can earn free college credit in high school and information on earning a high school diploma after the age of 22. You can limit your choices to only the topics that interest you.

By Ciara Conley

[email protected]

Reach Ciara Conley at 740-981-6977, Facebook “Ciara Conley – Daily Times,” and Twitter @PDT_Ciara

Reach Ciara Conley at 740-981-6977, Facebook “Ciara Conley - Daily Times,” and Twitter @PDT_Ciara