Follow form and function when outfitting your dorm room

By MetroCreative

College campuses are a home away from home for much of the year for students who go away to school. According to Azusa Pacific University, many universities, APU included, require students to live on campus during their freshman and sophomore years. Doing so provides many students opportunities to fully immerse themselves in their school communities and enjoy a little independence at the same time.

Dorm rooms afford students a chance to impart their own unique touches on their living spaces. A dorm room need not be drab. In fact, with a little creativity and some design tips, a dorm room become a space to be proud of.

– Coordinate your vision. Once you meet your roommate, discuss how you see the dorm room evolving. Choosing a color palette is a great place to start. If you can’t agree on bedding patterns, work with a color scheme so your side of the room and your roommate’s will coordinate.

– Invest in high-quality linens and bedding. Focus your attention on making the one area of the room where you’ll spend most of your time as comfortable and attractive as it can be. Look for high thread counts on sheets and pillowcases. HGTV recommends a duvet cover that can be swapped out to change the look of your bed when the mood strikes. Throw pillows and a throw blanket are ideal for lounging in style, and they can be arranged to make a tradition XL twin bed look like a daybed or chaise.

– Opt for multi-use furniture. If your dorm room only has the basics and you can add a few pieces, maximize space and function with items that serve multiple purposes. Storage ottomans can keep belongings organized and also serve as extra seating for guests. A mirror behind your desk can serve as a vanity for getting ready when the shared bathroom is occupied.

– Set aside a kitchen area. While you may not be cooking a four-course meal inside your dorm room and most schools limit which types of cooking can take place in dorm rooms, set up a kitchen station with some essentials. According to the storage and organizational company Spacewise, a rolling utility cart equipped with a coffee maker, small microwave, mini fridge, and some cube storage containers is the perfect place to have snacks and beverages at the ready.

– Maximize storage. Shelves over a bed, underbed storage, bedskirt organizers, closet caddies, and additional organizational gadgets can keep rooms tidy and functional.

Dorm rooms can be customized with some simple additions to make these spaces feel more like home.

By MetroCreative