Build an amazing wardrobe on a budget

By MetroCreative

Books should not be judged by their covers, but appearances do make a difference in people’s perceptions of others. That is why job seekers wear professional attire to job interviews and why weddings are made even more special when they become black tie affairs.

Wardrobe influencers model an ongoing rotation of designer looks. The latest designer looks may not be within everyone’s budget, even for those who routinely update their wardrobes. The average adult between the ages of 35 and 44 spends $209 per month on clothing, according to Credit Donkey, and the average family spends $1,800 per year on clothing. Style seekers can rest assured that it’s possible to build stylish wardrobes without going broke.

– Make a list of essential pieces. Certain wardrobe items, particularly office essentials, are staples. A crisp white shirt, a well-fitted blazer, black trousers, a sheath dress, a tailored suit, and some classic jeans are all worthy of inclusion in your closet. When you know which items to update, you can shop sales until your list is checked off.

– Shop discount retailers. Certain stores sell discounted, overstocked items from department stores or other retailers. Others fill the racks with last seasonÕs finds. Even if these offerings are not completely current, many are still trendy. In addition, such stores frequently feature popular manufacturers and designer items.

– Browse consignment shops. Consignment stores can be found in towns all over the country and online. For example, The Real is a luxury consignment sales outlet for preowned designer items that are authenticated by experts. Many of these items are very gently used and still have a lot of life in them.

– Invest in tailoring. Any piece can be made to look more expensive when properly fitted. Moderately priced items can tailored to individuals” bodies can look like designer clothes.

– Purchase one or two statement pieces. When indulging on a statement piece, choose items that will stand the test of time. A quality handbag or pair of shoes can be a splurge, provided they are well made and durable.

– Consider “cost per wear.” The wardrobe resource What to Wear suggests asking yourself questions like: “Will I wear this multiple times?” or “Is this item driven by a fleeting trend?” or “Will this go with items in my closet?” These considerations will make it easier to determine if a particular item is worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

A great closet is not built overnight, but a budget-friendly wardrobe can be built by shopping the right stores and making a list of priorities.

By MetroCreative