Grilling hotline helps avoid cooking ‘misteaks’

You’ve heard of the Butterball turkey hotline that helps cooks at Thanksgiving. Well when it comes to grilling on Memorial Day, LongHorn Steakhouse is offering a similar cooking service.

Certified Grill Masters will be dishing out grilling tips and steak expertise for summer’s biggest grilling holidays.

This Memorial Day, the grilling hotline returns to connect guests directly with certified Grill Masters for guidance on how to become the master of their own grills. To tap into a Grill Master’s expertise, guests can dial 855-LH-GRILL 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday. The Hotline will also be available on the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

This is the sixth year the hotline has been available nationwide, and since it began, Grill Masters have logged nearly 5,000 hours answering callers’ questions, ranging from grilling basics to hard-core techniques.

On Memorial Day, Grill Masters from around the country will be on-call to

— Recommend the perfect cut of steak for each caller

— Help amateurs learn how to operate and care for their grill

— Guide at-home grillers through techniques for any cut of meat

— Navigate through tricky grilling scenarios – like what to do when a steak is overdone

— Be guests’ go-to resource for any grilling topic

Guests can also chat live with an expert on LongHorn Steakhouse’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when using #LHGrillMaster.