8 deaths; 50 new COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday

Staff report

SCIOTO — The Scioto County and Portsmouth City Health Department has confirmed eight additional local deaths in connection with the COVID-19 virus.

The victims are a 68-year-old female that died January 26, a 65-year-old male that died January 28, a 70-year-old male that died February 3, a 76-year-old male that died February 3, a 93-year-old female that died February 4, 70-year old male that died February 9, an 88-year-old female that died February 9, and a 78-year old male that died February 13.

The deaths bring the total to 239 local residents that have died in conjunction with the virus. COVID-19 was a contributing factor in their deaths, however, it does not preclude the existence of co-morbidities that may or may not have also contributed to their death.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) reported 50 new cases on Wednesday for Scioto County bringing the total to 20,151 since the start of the outbreak.

There were 166 more recoveries reported by ODH Wednesday for the county bringing the number of recoveries to 18,519 over the course of the pandemic.

ODH reported 1 additional hospitalization for Scioto County Wednesday bringing the total to 1,200 people that have been hospitalized, during the outbreak, in connection with the virus or found to have the virus during their admission for other medical reasons. This number does not represent the number of people currently in the hospital in connection with COVID-19.

The level of community transmission for Scioto County continues to be high.

The number of original vaccines completed in Scioto County is 34,787 or 46.18% of the total population of the county (75,315). The number of additional doses (booster shots) received is 13,840.


Staff report