Halloween Ends

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist



If you’re a fan of horror films, you know the name Michael Myers. Halloween was released in 1978 by the great John Carpenter. We then saw 9 sequels released which included a reboot and then the Halloween world was quiet after 2009. The reboot’s (Rob Zombie) sequel wasn’t the greatest and the franchise became stagnant. However, in 2018 the series was rebooted again…this time the original star (Jamie Lee Curtis) would return! The 2nd reboot was GREAT! This was before my review series started, but it would have been a 5-star film and I rewatched it last week and stand by that. The sequel Halloween Kills came out last year and like many sequels it was not as good. My second viewing also a few weeks ago was better than when I saw it in theater. This film Halloween Kills would be the last in this reboot. It is also said this will be the last entry with Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode. One final showdown with Michael Myers. So…. would this end with a bang? Would the film slowly die like the franchise?

Onto the film.

The film starts in 2019 and we meet Corey Cunningham (Campbell) he is babysitting and without too many spoilers the boy he is babysitting is killed. Corey is blamed. I don’t want to give too many spoilers on this film, but obviously this character plays a role in the film given how it starts with him. We then cut to present day. Michael Myers (Courtney/Castle) has gone. We see our heroine Laura Strode (Curtis) writing a book and living with her granddaughter Allyson (Matichak) they both are rather reclusive and given the killing spring Michael Myers went on year priors it’s to be expected.

The townspeople blame Laurie Strode (Curtis) for Michael Myers rampage. I am not really sure how they feel its her fault (he’s a serial killer) but it is what it is. Plot device, I guess. Surprisingly the film starts to shift and focus more on Corey (Campbell) and Laurie wants to set up her granddaughter with him on a date. This will go well….

Here’s what works with the film. The gore in this film is on par with the others and if you like horror that may be up your alley. Jamie Lee Curtis is good as always, and I appreciated how she had more screentime than the last entry. Michael Myers presence looms and from all of the horror franchises he shows why he’s one of the best. The film’s score and setting felt like Halloween of course, but the vibe feels natural and reminded me of the first film. That being said, this is not perfect. I feel the storyline with Corey Cunningham is a bit weak. I get it, you’re trying to shift focus and meet a new character since this is allegedly Laura Strode’s last film, but the character just isn’t very likeable. Maybe others will like it, but it didn’t work for me. If this is the last Halloween film, it was serviceable and there is a fight scene that is one of the best of the entire series. This is much better than Halloween Kills but the Halloween (2018) is still the best in this trilogy. Go see this film, go see it in theaters and enjoy FALL and all the Halloween films we have out. 4 stars out of 5


By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist