Recommend, but the plot is paper thin

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist

Well this week we have Dog…no. Not The Dog like THE BATMAN, unfortunately. For the record, my voice is still slightly sore…Beth about killed me for the amount of times I did the Batman’s voice but I think she really thought it was cool!!!

There weren’t any new releases but this film Dog had come out a few weeks ago. Beth wanted to see it and I’ll be honest we were going to see The Batman again but changed our minds as soon as it started. So a little trivia on this film…the lead Channing Tatum..yes Magic Mike also directed this. It seemed like a cute buddy comedy with man and man’s best friend but I worried the trailer gave away all of the funny scenes. Tatum has shown excellent acting chops…in 21 and 22 Jump Street…”My name’s Jeff…” so I was cautiously optimistic. Beth didn’t have a rating this week but spoiler alert she was pleasantly surprised.

Onto the film.

We open with a montage showing Lulu (the dog) and her handler in different wars. It’s evident they are both heroes on their own rights. We then meet Briggs (Tatum) who has been discharged from the military. He struggles with PTSD and has several brain injuries from combat. A word on Tatum’s performance here. It works. He adds charm but the emotional scenes work as well. I felt for the character and looked around the mostly empty theater and felt blessed and lucky of the things and people I have. Briggs (Tatum) is desperate to be reactivated and get into services. His only option is to have a superior sign off on his bill of health. This is where the film comes off a little far-fetched.

If Briggs (Tatum) can take Lulu to the funeral of her handler in a few days in Arizona. He will reinstate him. Of course, it can’t be easy. Lulu has experienced trauma as well. She can not fly and won’t allow anyone to get close to her. After some reluctant uneasiness, the duo is off.

We then have a typical buddy comedy with the two and most of it works. We see a funny scene in a hotel, another with a “dog psychic” and the former WWE AND WCW wrestler Kevin Nash. This all worked but some of which we saw in the trailers. That was disappointing.

Beth and I looked at each other and both blurted out how we thought this would end. One of us was correct. She’s getting REALLY GOOD at reviews.

So do we recommend this…yes. Both of us said it was worth a watch. However, you won’t be blown away. The soundtrack works, but the plot is paper thin. The premise is mostly cookie-cutter and I had wished the filmmakers dived more into the healing with the duo and the love they eventually find. It felt forced. You can do far worse….or go see THE BATMAN again!!!! 2 and a half stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist