Very rushed and not well thought out

By Andrew McManus and Bethany Nielson - Contributing Columnists

Hello, Daily Times readers! I know you were expecting Andrew, but today you have a review from the best co-reviewer of Portsmouth and the Ohio River Valley. My name is Bethany and I have been viewing the films that Andrew reviews with him for quite some time now.

I am also well aware that I have only been given the honor of being the area’s best co-reviewer because there is most likely not another person using the title “co-reviewer.” Either way, I am honored to be here reviewing this film. Just so everyone is aware, I do not have the incredibly vast knowledge of cinema that Andrew does.

Onto the film.

Now that I have properly set the expectation for this review, let’s get to the film. This week we saw Moonfall. It is a film co-written, directed, and produced by Roland Emmerich, who is known for his work with some of the greatest disaster movies. It opens in 2011 with, astronauts Brian Harper (Wilson), Jocinda Fowler (Berry), and newcomer Marcus in space on a mission to repair a satellite. The three are having a great time jamming out to Toto’s Africa and teasing each other. The mood quickly shifts when a mysterious black swarm attacks the satellite and the shuttle. Marcus is killed and drifts off into the darkness of space. Fowler (Berry) is unconscious in the shuttle.

This mysterious attacker really grabs the viewer’s attention and you are sucked in wanting answers. Harper (Wilson), stunned by what he just witnessed returns to the shuttle and was able to successfully get himself and Fowler (Berry) back to Earth with a damaged shuttle. There is now an eighteen-month long investigation about what happened and NASA will not believe Harper’s explanation of the event. They then say that human error is what caused the incident and Harper is fired.

We then jump ten years later and are introduced to the conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman (Bradley). He believes that the moon is an artificial megastructure built by aliens. He discovers that the moon’s orbit is getting closer and closer to Earth from data that he stole from a research telescope, where he worked as a janitor. He approaches Harper with his findings. Harper, now jaded from his experience, did not want to be bothered with Houseman’s claims.

Houseman then shares his finding on social media and it gets worldwide attention. NASA then sends a team to the moon because they found what looks like a hole on the surface of the moon and they want to investigate. The same mysterious black swarm that was seen in the intro shows up and attacks and kills all three astronauts.

As the moon continues to fall closer to Earth, it causes devastating disasters such as tsunamis, gravitational abnormalities, and atmospheric dissipation. These shots quickly remind the viewer of other doomsday films. We discover that Fowler is not the deputy director of NASA and she discovers that Apollo 11 had discovered the same hole on the Moon during its landing.

They had used the two-minute radio blackout was to cover up that the moon resonated strongly when the spacecraft’s fuel tanks were jettisoned, suggesting a hollow interior. There was also a military attempt to kill the black swarm, but was deserted due to budget reasons. Fowler orders a new mission in an attempt to save the Earth. We now have the unlikely team of Harper, Houseman, and Fowler manning this mission.

This Film had great CGI. I cannot get over how well they did with the space shots and it had a fun plot that drew you in seeking answers. I was disappointed with the explanation of what caused everything. It felt very rushed and not well thought out. I also found myself lost by the side plots they involved two separate families and I could not keep who’s who straight. This was a fun film, but it did not live up to what it could have been. Andrew gave it a score of 3 stars out of 5,

Andrew here. Bethany is spot on and I loved her fresh take on a movie review. 3 stars is a fair score, but with a little more polishing it could have been better. You will enjoy it, but won’t watch it again. Let me know if you like the guest spot I always try to get her to add a line or two. For the record she said 2 STARS! Next week…..THE BATMAN

By Andrew McManus and Bethany Nielson

Contributing Columnists