Better than the last few

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist



It feels like every other week we have a sequel or reboot. This holds true again today. This is technically the fifth film in the Scream franchise and the last one was released in 2011. The series started in 1996! If you’re a fan of the film you’ll know it’s actually horror-comedy.

My girlfriend may disagree. She HATES horror movies and anything with gore. She was a trooper though! I did promise to leave if at any time she wanted to go. SHOCKINGLY she liked it more than me!

So the question should be mentioned, is this another cash grab? Another film just meant to tug on nostalgic heartstrings and get you in the seats or would we be reinventing the wheel?

Onto the film.

We open 25 years after the original murders by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher that started the “ghostface” killer and the murders that happened for years to come. We see one of the

main characters Tara (Ortega) texting on her phone and making food. This is similar to how the original film started with Drew Barrymore’s character back in 1996. The killer is after her. There is a cat and mouse chase that starts the film off with a bang….or a stab and surprisingly unlike the original Scream…this character SURVIVES!

We then meet her older sister Sam (Barrera) and her boyfriend Richie (Quaid…yes Dennis Quaid’s son who is FANTASTIC in this.) The couple is nowhere near Woodsboro and for good reason. Sam (Barrera) has a past that I don’t want to spoil but let’s just say they have NO REASON to come to town….unless her sister is attacked. See where this is going? Eventually, the couple makes it to town to check on Tara (Ortega) and meet her friends. We get the typical high school group of kids who honestly are rather forgettable.

The film here drags on. Essentially it just needs to up the ante to make sure the original cast shows back up. Think of Jurassic Park and its sequels. Surely they won’t come back?!? Dewey (Arquette) has been stabbed 9 times! There is no way that he would return. He does. They all do. I didn’t hate the fan service or even how they return but it felt forced.

The humor works in this film although the “meta” ness of mentioning real horror films or going back over the “rules” to survive also seem forced and overdone. We get it. Move on. Some may enjoy this tongue-in-cheek dialogue but I felt it was oversaturated and a tad obnoxious.

However…the biggest gripe for me is the filler scenes with the sisters. The music changes from tense to Lifetime movie (melodramatic and cheesy) the dialogue changes from sharp to stale, and it just takes the viewer out of the film. Every time there was another heart to heart I groaned.

If you’re a fan of this series you can do worse. If you like horror-comedy I feel you will be let down. The original cast is great as usual, but not around nearly enough. The biggest positive….this was better than the last few weeks. 3 stars out of 5


By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist