HIGHLY encourage you to go see this movie

By Andrew McManus - contributing Columnist

As I said last week we were gearing up for SPIDERMAN!!!! However, don’t expect a spoiler-filled review. I can’t do that to you! I will mention how this film starts and you won’t get much else this week. I will tell you now you’ll have fun. This is the third film in the Tom Holland led Spider-Man films.

What I’ve always enjoyed about Spider-Man (one of my favorite cartoons growing up) was how he was relatable. A “normal” abet nerdy guy who becomes a hero. As we have seen for the last 20 years there have been three other renditions of Spider-Man. We had Tobey Maguire (who I grew up with) then came Andrew Garfield for two films and now we have the newest iteration of Peter Parker. Tom Holland.

Comparing all three Spider-Mans (Men?) everyone has a favorite, mine was Tobey Maguire and as much as I’d like more of his story this is Tom Holland’s turn. However, based on the trailers we DO get to look at former villains from the other entries fighting Tom Holland. Pretty Neat! So would this be the best film of the year???

Onto the film.

The ONE spoiler you will get is how the last film (Far From Home) ends. This starts immediately after it ends and (SPOILER ALERT!!!! Mysterio “Jake Gyllenhaal” tells the world who Spider-Man really is….PETER PARKER!) Ok, spoiler over. But seriously, please watch the last film before this one because you will be lost if you don’t know how that one ends. Yes, I spoiled that aspect of it but it’s rampant in the trailers and that’s the last piece of the new film you get. No more details.

Onto the technical aspects. My brother Aaron and I saw this in 3D. Tickets are hard to come by. I was honestly disappointed in the 3D version and plan to see it again at the biggest screen possible. The CGI works, however to me it didn’t feel like there was a ton for Spider-Man (Holland) to do. Go fight this bad guy…ok next. A tad disappointing.

There are a few scenes where you’re flying in the air with him that work but I was a little underwhelmed throughout. However, the cast all work here! It was nice to see old villains working with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the playful banter back and forth. The supporting cast is great of course. MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Batalon) all continue to get more comfortable in their roles and mesh well with our lead. Another saving grace is the HUMOR! I genuinely found this more of a comedy than an action movie. In many scenes, myself and the audience laughed out loud. I didn’t expect that.

This review is light on details. I can’t take you on the twists and turns of this film, but I can tell you to journey down it. This isn’t a 5 star film to me. The pieces were there, all of the ingredients for a masterpiece but it felt there wasn’t enough for the cast to do. With such a long runtime it felt short yet felt as if we have an action movie that was dialogue-heavy. I still HIGHLY encourage you to go see this and see this in theaters. My brother says 5 stars out of 5. I disagree. It was good but not great. 3 and a half stars out of 5


By Andrew McManus

contributing Columnist