Bond is back; 5 stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist

Bond is Back. He actually is this time. This IS the review of No Time to Die. No. The newest Bond film (and last for Daniel Craig) is finally here. I will warn you. I don’t want to give away much of the plot. It is THAT GOOD. If you stop right here. Go see the film and see it in theaters!

If you’re still reading let’s continue with an excerpt from last week’s review and Spectre

The previous entry Spectre came out in 2015. I was not doing reviews then and to be honest when I remember watching it I didn’t like it at all. I thought it was overly cheesy and a touch boring. I wanted to revisit, as I feel this will be a must see if you see the new one that was released today.

If you’re a Bond fan everyone has a favorite. I remember Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan and have always loved his take on James Bond. However, when Daniel Craig came on the scene with Casino Royale he was a game changer. It was more gritty than most Bonds and Sean Connery can do no wrong it is safe to say maybe Craig would become the best?

Spectre is the fourth film by Daniel Craig as Bond and the 24th overall. To me, it feels like Craig’s

Bond films are one big journey as opposed to other actors (Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, and Brosnan) for the most part seemed to be one-offs. Now we have the 25th Bond film in the series and potentially Daniel Craig’s last.

Onto the film.

We open with that classic Bond score. You will sit up on the edge of your seat. Ready for what is to come. I found myself with a grin on my face. Bond has been fun in the past, but was I more excited to see if this was really Daniel Craig’s last iteration of it. We get the classic title sequence as James Bond (Craig) shoots at the screen.

He disappears and we open in the wilderness somewhere. It is winter. We see someone speaking to a young Madeline (You’ll remember the adult version from Spectre.) A man approaches and kills Madeline’s mother in an attempt to kill her father “Mr. White.”

The man who I won’t reveal chases after Madeline and she falls through the ice. He saves her. We then cut to years later. Right after Spectre ends. Bond (Craig) and adult Madeline Swann (Seydoux) are in Matera and Bond is retired. Is he ever really retired though?

The movie kicks off from here and doesn’t stop. I won’t give any more of this plot. It’s a spy movie! Of course there are twist and turns. I will say this. It may have been my favorite Bond film of them all. The cinematography is beautiful. The score adds tension and emotion when scenes are void of dialogue. I was impressed. Will Bond return? I sure hope so. If not go see Daniel Craig’s SWANN song…see what I did there. I mean it, you will be entertained. Don’t wait for Netflix. Cancel your plans, get a sitter or bring the kids. Bond is BACK. 5 stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist